I managed to stay out of a grocery store (even the Target store) for 6 whole days in a row! I honestly think that’s the first ever for me, at least since being married and being that we haven’t been on vacation…hah, DEFINITELY haven’t been on vacation!!

I attribute most of my abstaining from those miscellaneous expenditures to my efforts at meal planning. It definitely does not work that well each week but I am happy to report SUCCESS this past week! The only reason I will need to hit the grocery store twice this week is to pick up the fresh veggies for meals on Thursday and Saturday. Otherwise, I hope to be successful 2 weeks in a row.

I did have success with one of my new efforts at giving my boys a better breakfast experience, but the other two breakfast experiments were a total flop.

So for now, I make them a berry smoothie on the mornings D has school. I add 2 TB of protein powder, 1 TB of ground flaxseed meal, a couple handfuls of blueberries and strawberries, cut up a whole banana, throw in a cup of vanilla yogurt and voila – a healthy breakfast that tastes like a treat, and not just for the kids! I recommend getting the protein powder in the bulk section before plunking down $15 for a can of it.

Head on over to This Week for Dinner if you’re needing some meal planning inspiration this week.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday – Go Packers!!


Kielbasa with pasta and crusty bread


BBQ Ranch Chicken Tostados with Avocado Corn Salsa (these just look way too delish not to try!!)


Pancakes and Bacon (bought the applewood smoked bacon at Trader Joe’s – should be yummy!)


Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings with steamed broccoli (I have always wanted to try a dumplings recipe…hope this one turns out as good as it looks!)


Leftovers or get take-out


Beef Stroganoff with crusty bread (Hubbs makes a delicious stroganoff – it’s the only meal he has ever made since we’ve been married…he’s a machine on the grill, though!)


French Lentil Soup with crusty bread