I feel like a broken record, but I do believe there has been illness in our home more days than not this year. D was sick last week. I got it over the weekend. And L is now on meds. Everyone in this house but Hubbs has a cough, still. “Purposeful” has become quite the challenge for me!

~ 1 ~

IMG_0806Do you have little ones who jump at the chance to see a tractor of any kind? If so, then get ready for CAT TV. It never fails that Hubbs needs to keep the boys busy and out of the kitchen for about 15 minutes as I rush to get dinner made and on the table. When it’s nice weather out, they’re usually playing in the backyard. But over the winter, he’s resorted to Handy Manny games or Special Agent Oso clips. Currently my boys can’t get enough of the backhoe video. If I am at the computer, L is no doubt right behind me crying for “baaaackhoooe!” The wheel harvester is D’s fave and I have to admit, the speed at which that device can strip those tree trunks is impressive.

There’s all kinds of videos on the site, so have some fun with your little one and help them find their favorite tractor!

~ 2 ~

Bed calendar1We are continuing to have all kinds of sleep issues with the boys – again – and while some of it is related to illness, some of it is just the parental units falling into bad habits. Both boys have always been early risers (awake between 4:30 & 5:30am most mornings). D used to be trained quite well…before L came along. Now he saunters into our room whenever he wakes up and comes into our bed. Our teeny tiny bed where L is already parked as well. *sigh* So after talking with another mommy about how to try & resolve D’s issue, I created a “bed calendar” and “tickets”. If he stays in his bed until I come to get him (by 6:30am) then he gets a sticker on the calendar and a ticket.

Bed calendar2 The ticket is worth $1.00. So when he has received 10 tickets, then he gets to go shopping for a gift of his choice with his tickets. Morning 1: didn’t work. Morning 2: worked…but he was yelling for me at the top of his lungs at 5:45am until Hubbs went in & told him to keep quiet until Mommy came to get him. Tomorrow will be Morning 3. Pleeeeease work.

~ 3 ~

I do believe I have finished up all the doctor visits needed, for now, to determine that I have a completely healthy “non-reproductive” body. I saw the endocrinologist this week as a follow-up to some blood work I had done. My cholesterol is perfect and I’m a little deficient in Vitamin D. The hot flashes have started to return thanks to the warmer weather we’ve been experiencing (grrr…..the flashes, not the weather), but other than that, the challenge is just to keep exercising. Which I still can’t believe is such a challenge for me!

~ 4 ~

If you’re a mom in any stage of life, this article will hit home with you. If you’re a mom to kids under the age of 7 right now, you will think this writer sat in your home one day and jotted down every single thing you do in a day. Such a clever writer, so many truths making me laugh and almost cry at the same time, most especially these lines:

Clean up cat puke.
Time to go, go get dressed.
No you cannot wear that.
Button pants, snap shirts, pull on socks, wrestle comb through tangles of hair.
Go get your shoes.


Run up to dress myself,
Nothing in my closet fits.
I don’t like this, I don’t like that, I guess I’ll just wear that (again)

~ 5 ~

I was at a play date yesterday and amongst the chaos I saw one of the girls playing with a blabla doll. Oh, you’ve heard of them? Well, I don’t have girls so dolls are pretty scarce around here but I just was amazed at how much this little girl loved this doll. I would have been in love with the hair if I had a doll like this as a child. So I checked out the company – all items are made by Peruvian artisans, by hand. Makes me love this stuff even more. If I were to have another baby in the home, then this mobile would be on my “wish list”, along with this, this and this.

~ 6 ~

IMG_0876I got my hair done last night. And for the first time in nearly 4 years, I actually like it.

No, I actually love it.

I miss Doug. Doug knew my hair like no other human being ever has. Ever. I seriously considered not moving out of Vegas just because I knew I would never find another Doug again. Moving to a significantly smaller town meant my options for finding a good hairdresser would be limited, no doubt. But who knew they would charge the same price as those in the city and yet have absolutely no idea what they were doing with a pair of scissors? I could write a whole post on the “hair war” I have struggled with since arriving here. Suffice it to say, I have broken up with a lot of “professional” hairdressers.

I’ve only been to Melissa twice, the first time being a few months ago when she had to give me a “fix it” cut, a cut I had only days earlier paid $50 for. * Ouch * This time around she blew me out of the water. I haven’t washed and styled it yet myself, which is the true test of whether or not a cut is good for me. Regardless, I left a salon feeling like a rock star, and that’s an awesome and long-missed feeling for this girl!

~ 7 ~Picture1

And, because it is Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d help some of you out if you’re still in need of finding the perfect gift for your sweetheart. I was in a waiting area recently with a TV on. A commercial was shown for the Vermont Teddy Bear and I almost gagged at how the grown women were swooning over a stupid teddy bear. Seriously?

But, even though it’s not my cup of tea, that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t love their very own teddy bear and matching pajama set. So if you happen to see “Vermont” on the box you get from your special someone, you might want to prepare yourself for what’s inside.

Just sayin’.

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