As a child, there were many times that things needed fixing around the little home I grew up in. Even though my dad was, and still is, a handy guy, it always seemed that duct tape was the answer to most anything that needed fixing.

Fast forward to current day. I love my hubby. Very much. One thing we are both well aware of is that neither of us should be considered “handy” when it comes to fixing things up around the home. And lately, I’ve begun to feel that cardboard is our duct tape in life.

I realize it’s temporary. Let me rephrase that. I hope it’s temporary. Since my dad was handy and he defaulted to duct tape, I can only imagine that his reason is similar to our reason for defaulting to cardboard:

limited time + even more limited energy =
not giving a dang about aesthetics as long as things are back to working order

And in my dad’s case, I’m sure limited funds would be part of that equation at the time! For Hubbs and I, it really is about the time and energy involved in solving these little “issues” that keep arising in our 40+ year old home.

Take for instance our kitchen floor. Passed inspection just fine when we bought the house. A little over a year later I began to notice a “dip” of sorts. “Huh”, I thought, “wonder what that’s all about…”. I am SO thankful to report that it has nothing to do with termites or water damage of any kind. I’m sticking with my theory that the previous owners dropped a bowling ball and that’s what caused the flooring to break beneath the linoleum. Soon the linoleum started to crack open and since we have 2 kids who would love nothing more than to pick away at that crack, Hubbs decided to slap down a piece of cardboard with some – you guessed it – duct tape.


We don’t have the ability to fix this flooring issue on our own and eventually we’d like to replace the flooring with laminate, so why bother fixing something we’ll be upgrading in the…future…sometime? So that’s why we wait on that.  And yes, it is covered most of the time by a kitchen mat.

The second cardboard improvement arose about a month ago. The house came with these ginormous, completely impractical medicine cabinets that reminded me of the 4 other senior citizens who had resided in this home before us nearly every time I opened the doors. We bought beautiful large mirrors to replace them as well as new bathroom cabinets to go above the toilets.

“Uggghhhh!!!” I hear Hubbs shout as I’m cleaning up bathroom #1 from the upgrades. I run into bathroom #2, thinking the cabinet had fallen on him or something dreadful and all I see is Hubbs staring at the wall. Then I look at the wall and laugh:


My first question was, “How in the world are we going to fix that??” Hubbs answer?

Yep – cardboard.

Well, first he said he’d take a picture of it and go to Home Depot to seek out a way to fix the hole that’s as big as his head and that you can actually see the rafters on the other side! But, since there was such a draft coming from that thing and we certainly didn’t want any little creatures surprising us in the middle of the night, then cardboard to the rescue!


The mirror does hide it nicely (the cardboard, not the fact that we need to paint!), but I know it’s there, lurking behind the mirror, just another thing to do on the home improvements list.

What’s something that YOU default to when you have limited time, limited energy, or limited funds for home improvements?