It’s been a long week and I have written several blog posts…in my head. I may get to them, I may not.

There’s the one about my trip to Vegas. And the one about my adventures in digital scrapbooking. I’m still taking pictures of meals I’ve prepared and I’m still thinking all of the pictures make the food like “ick”.

Last but not least, I finally made a few song choices to add to the iPod and I just can’t end the week without telling you about my favorite album at the moment.The artist is Adele. I was browsing through iTunes and came across her newest album. I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited about music for a very long time. Every single song on this album is amazing. I’m no music expert but I know what kind of music “gets” me and this girl is like retreating to my own island of that’s all about “me” when I listen to her.

I downloaded the album last night but did not have time to listen to even a full song until tonight. I was washing the dishes (ALL the dishes from the entire day…another blog post for another time) and actually got excited when I realized I’d get to listen to the music once the boys were asleep.

I haven’t decided which one is my favorite song but this one is definitely a good listen:



Time for sleep and spending the weekend with my family. And some Adele, hopefully!