It was nearly 1AM and we had been working as a team, non-stop, to put together bookcases. They were done, but we still needed to place them on the wall, attach them properly and then of course, clean up.

“Stages,” Hubbs said, as I looked around the room with a weary smile on my face.

Slowly, in various stages, we are beginning to transform our home into something that fits our needs better as well as updates things a bit. The house was vacant when we first looked at the home back in 2007 and the family room / fireplace room has always been difficult for us to “picture” how to use the room best. We don’t have a dining room in this house, so I wasn’t sure if that space had been used for a larger table or just as a sitting room. For us, it’s been the “play area”, for the most part. Which means “messy.”

Here’s what it looked like on an average day:


That “bookcase” on the left was attached to the wall and while it did fit a lot of our books, videos, and albums, it most certainly never looked “neat”. Never. Crammed full of stuff and good luck keeping little hands off of it.

We are the first family with children to live in this house and it’s over 40 years old. Senior citizens lived in it prior and apparently they loooooooved the color PINK. There was pink flowery wallpaper on that wall (amongst others) and while it had been removed for some time, the patchwork that needed to take place was glaringly obvious the closer you got to the wall.

I brought my friend Melissa over awhile back and got her ideas on what in the world we could do with that room (and every other room in our house) to help clean up some of the cluttered look. Melissa is truly gifted at the whole interior design thing and it was so fun hearing her ideas! For the family room, we decided to paint it a light cream color and then add new bookshelves. Here’s the final result and remember, nothing’s been organized, just tossed onto the shelves, but it still looks “clean” to me!



We both really love it! The kids still have access to their books but they aren’t in 3 different spots in the house. The library books and other “temporary” items are housed where you can’t see them but they are within an easy reach. I don’t have to put my purse and other items on the kitchen bar counter, but instead it all goes in my nice new cabinets.

I’m still in a bit of a fog from my sleep-deprived weekend but every time I step into that room, it all feels worth it.