Wow, so much to say, so little time. I’ve been posting Ridd Quicks in my head for weeks now and every time I start a post I get distracted and another week has gone by! All that to say, I’ve had a lot on my mind.

~ 1 ~

Two days before I left for my trip to Vegas (yes, over 3 weeks ago…) I went to run the dishwasher and run, it did not. Lights were on but nobody was home. “Noooooooo!!!” I screamed (inside my head). Service guy came out to check it .

“Needs a new motor.” No problem. $55.00 co-pay. YES!

“Takes 2-3 weeks for the motor to come in.”

I literally laughed in his face, thinking he could NOT be serious. Oh, but he was. Yipppee…

Guy came to service the dishwasher eventually. I knew when he started making phone calls that it wasn’t good. Didn’t get fixed that day. A few days later we get a call that the dishwasher has to be replaced. Great. Another 2-week delay. It was delivered this morning and is now in my GARAGE. There it will sit while we wait for the installation to be scheduled.

A month without a dishwasher.

Do you feel sorry for me yet?

~ 2 ~

I finally got started on an my first digital scrapbooking album. I have been a traditional scrapbooker for the past 10 years or so, but since the arrival of son #1 it has all gone to the wayside. Regardless, I keep taking pictures and suffer some form of frustration regularly because I do practically nothing with said pictures. My friend Ann and I spent 4 hours at her house last month while her hubby took the kids out for awhile. All we did for 4 hours was digi-scrap and guess what? I left with the cover and 3 pages DONE in my first album. It looks SO cute. I decided to make an album of D’s first photos, so every picture in the album is one that he has taken over the past year. Here’s the back cover (and yes, that’s his foot):


~ 3 ~

There’s been a lot of tsunami video watching in our home lately, as we continue to be in awe and disbelief at the tragedy that continues to unfold in Japan. This one we just watched last night and it is truly incredible; the real-time image of how quickly that water consumes. Apparently it’s as fast as an airliner, 560 mph. Unbelievable courage and strength to endure such an unfathomable event.

~ 4 ~

I’m not feeling very successful in my Purposeful effort lately. I completely forgot about Grandma C.’s birthday earlier this month; February came and went without nary a letter written or a card sent. Not cool, Vic, not cool. I know she’s a forgiving soul, but I was sad for her that she didn’t get her usual chocolate covered blueberries and cherries from us. Time to get a belated card together and get those on their way!

~ 5 ~

If this video doesn’t make you laugh out loud, even just a little, well, I think you need to take a break!

~ 6 ~

I’m still not loving the new look of my blog. Seriously, I am one that just can’t stick with something for very long (except people, of course. Well, and shoes. And jeans.) Anyways, I like the layout, but it’s a little too plain for me. Might be switching things up again.

~ 7 ~

So I haven’t been on Facebook for well over a month now. And honest to goodness, I do not find myself completely out of the loop on people’s lives. I do miss seeing the photos of growing families or home improvements, but I’ve got ways to check in on them when I need to. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was to be “disallowed” to participate in certain things because I don’t have a Facebook account. For instance, I can’t comment on various web articles, including this site. Really? I’m a member, I’ve given them my name and email address, but now I have to be on Facebook to comment on an article? I’m just saying… I’m interested to see if Facebook is going to continue to be the dominant “connector” of people. Because you know, it’s coming. The next “big thing.” Any guesses how it will be different?