:: Pj’s ::

IMG_1213Though we are quite busy during the week, most Saturday mornings are “lazy”, regardless of the early hour that the boys are awake. Everyone stays in their pajamas for at least a few hours and this morning was especially cozy-feeling with the rain storm and dark clouds in the skies. I forgot to snap a pic before the boys were dressed, but Hubbs is still dressed for the occasion!

:: Comics ::


The comics are on the table every day, but for some reason reading those Baby Blues on a lazy, rainy Saturday morning is all the more relaxing to me. And funny!

:: Coffee ::


Rain. Cold. 6AM. Loud and very awake children. Pajamas. Saturday.

Coffee is a must.

And it was delicious.

 :: Shower ::


Saturday mornings are the one and only time during the week that I get to shower before getting ready for the day. Any other morning I’m throwing my head under the sink faucet, hurrying with my mascara and blush and glancing at the clock as I try to do something with my hair. But Saturday mornings I get to close my bedroom door, slowly walk to the bathroom and linger in the shower. I get to enjoy getting ready for the day, even if all I’m doing is household chores (like today).

And that’s why I love Saturday mornings.