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I have pink eye (aka: conjunctivitis) – again. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been in the wrong place at the wrong time to catch this nasty stuff. I will never forget the first time I woke up with crusty eyelids; it was the day before my family and I were to head to the hills for a camping trip. I think I was 15 or 16 at the time. That’s what you get for being a babysitter, I guess. I had to wear glasses the entire trip and my mom had to get the washcloth hot enough to melt away the nasty crusties every morning. Fun times. The meds have improved greatly since then, but the nasty-ness of it certainly has not.

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IMG_1411We finally completed painting a bunk bed we got from one of Hubbs’ co-workers a few weeks ago. Neither of us had any idea a simple bed would take so much time and effort to paint. It took us 2 nights just to get done with the primer! We feel like we painted an entire room now that we’re done with it. But the final result ROCKS – at least we think so!

IMG_1430We used Aura paint with a color from Benjamin Moore. Pricey stuff, but it’s safe to have around the boys. Time to go shopping for some new bed linens…Ikea anyone?

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Speaking of Ikea, when we picked up the bookcases for our family room, I found these great collapsible bins for storing the smaller toys on a bookshelf. Ugh, the toys. I have such an issue with them – how much is too much, what to give away, what to keep, where to keep it all. Typically they are scattered all over the house, except their bedroom. And for some reason, I was dead set against having any toys except stuffed animals stored in their room. Like it would hamper their sleeping habits – hah! We’ve lived in this house for 3.5 years and I have finally conquered the toy storage once and for all. Well, at least while they’re still into Hot Wheels and dinosaurs. Voila – the toy corner of their room.


There are two toy chests in our living room, but they fit well with the furniture and you don’t see toys unless the lid is lifted. One holds all the puzzles and the other one holds the Little People barn and house, bus, etc. As long as I can shove it all away once they lay their blonde little heads down for the night, then I don’t mind them in the general living area. We’ll see how it goes…

~ 4 ~

I am still exhausted from our vacation. I hear it nearly every time – “I don’t know how you do it!” when I tell people (with kids who are older than ours) of our latest traveling adventures as a family. But honestly, the packing, traveling, sleeping, eating, etc. isn’t the toughest part of traveling with small kids. Not anymore, anyways. It’s the getting home part that has become the frustrating and exhausting part of the whole process, at least when we’ve been gone longer than 2 or 3 days. Everything has to be done immediately – unpacking, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, unpacking, etc. Plus there’s “withdrawal” symptoms felt by everyone – no grandparents to help out with the kids, kids missing daddy since someone has to work around here, daddy having to go to work and mommy missing having daddy around, having to actually cook a meal instead of choosing from a menu. And the emails. Gadfreys! Exhausting, I tell you!

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IMG_1394Timing is everything…well, at least it’s something. My in-laws had recently bought some new living room furniture and were giving away the furniture they currently had…to the delivery business of their new furniture! The day before we left Santa Maria, they got a call that their furniture had arrived and could be delivered in the next few days. I asked if we could have their old furniture since we were still living with a futon from the early 90s and a couch that the boys were having fun pulling the stuffing out of all the rips and tears in it. We had most definitely “used up” what we had, but really did not want to sock a bunch of money into new couches since the boys are still quite young…and messy. We got a U-Haul truck and the next morning we left Santa Maria with 2 couches, 2 swivel rocking chairs and an ottoman. Did I mention how much I love my family??









~ 6 ~

My mom sent this video link to me and I thought it was just too cute not to share – what a joyous little fellow! It gets really good at about 2:15 – watch it to the end; you won’t be disappointed!

4th Movement of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony