Here we go again. A cold has settled in my sinuses just as I’m ready to jump back into wearing contacts tomorrow. “Blah” is the word for tonight, said through blocked nasal passages and tired eyes.

A few things have made the evening a little more bearable…

:: a hot steaming cup of chicken broth with garlic mixed in for good measure ::

:: a hot steaming shower with hot steaming water raining on my puffy face ::

:: a quiet house with 2 boys asleep and a hubby who is home ::

:: a pint of Haagen-Dazs … any flavor will do but tonight it’s Vanilla Swiss Almond ::

:: a comfy couch to rest on ::

Praying for a solid night’s rest and renewed energy for tomorrow.

If not, another round of Haazgen-Dazs may be happening on my comfy couch tomorrow night.