The last two weeks have been an interesting transition in my family’s life. I mentioned here that we received some “new” furniture, which means the old furniture had to go elsewhere. All I can say about that is,


However, I feel a certain obligation of sorts to give a proper adieu to the pieces of furniture that have served us over the years – some have served us well, others, not so much.


The one and only La-Z-Boy chair I have, somewhat, proudly called my own since around 1999. It came to me via a co-worker at Carollo Engineers with a rocking chair and a small couch. Total price for all 3 pieces: $100.00. This chair is the one piece of furniture that definitely was worth the price paid for. It was the one place I could sit comfortably during the last 2 months of my first pregnancy. It had to be kicked back all the way, but my feet were propped, my back was supported and I was a much happier momma-to-be. Au revoir, my no-longer-so-comfy friend.


This couch came to my roomies and I sometime around 1997. Another hand-me-down, only this one was totally free. My friend Melissa and her hubby were given some new furniture and we just happened to be living right down the street from them. Perfect! The couch came with an adorable matching chair that my former roomie Mariellen took with her when she got married. The couch and the chair, in their prime, were very nice pieces of furniture. However, when you live with roommates, you also tend to live with their boyfriends coming and going. And boyfriends don’t tend to take care of furniture very well, at least in my experience. Then came all the various moves. Suffice it to say, this couch was well used and while not very comfy, it served it’s purpose. Adios, muchacho!


*sigh* The futon. I will never, ever be a believer that a futon can serve more than one purpose – comfortably. A futon is a bed. The argument of whether it’s a comfy bed is a debate for another time. I’m just here to say that my futon experience says “heck no” to passing as a couch. But that it did for many long years. My hubby’s parents got it for him when he moved to Las Vegas (1996) and of course, hubby had his fair share of roommates that didn’t know how to treat furniture right either. And moving a futon is a real treat. I was actually quite surprised when Hubbs said it was alright to donate his futon. I think he realized it would never become my futon. That and we live in a fairly small home that doesn’t really suit having a futon and 2 couches! Arrivederci! There is no love lost from me!

On a final note, I said auf wiedersehen (seriously, check out Bing translator next time you’re bored…). Ahem, as I was saying, I had to finally let go of my clock-radio I had lovingly held onto since the 6th grade. People, that was 1983!! For some reason I guess I never felt compelled to upgrade over the years. I don’t own an iPhone or anything else that needs to be “docked” and frankly, it worked just fine, for the most part. I haven’t needed an alarm clock – ever – since the birth of my first son.

I really can’t talk about why I had to literally toss it into the garbage at the curb a few days ago because it still just absolutely grosses me out when I think about it. Just trust me when I say it’s end had definitely come and that’s all I’m going to say about that.