IMG_1396The last Menu I posted was nearly a month ago. Must be the whole having been gone for a week visiting family, being sick for a week before that trip and being sick for a week after that trip. Oy. I am finally feeling like I am on the road to recovery, thanks to some powerfully strong meds and a fantastic hubby who has given me bountiful opportunity to get some decent rest.

It’s a good sign that I have a menu going for this week. I’m not holding myself to keeping to it 100% but at least I have a goal. That and getting my tush back into the gym this week!

And finally, the weather seems to be consistently on the “nicer” side of things, which means more time at the BBQ for Hubbs and less time at the stove for me. Fish and veggies on the grill will try to make an entrance at least once a week, as long as I can find a yummy-tasting fish besides salmon. Tilapia hasn’t been anyone’s fave lately – any suggestions?


Fish (of some sort), veggies and rolls


Chicken tacos & fruit slices (foster care class tonight; needs to be simple & quick cleanup!)


Pancakes & Bacon


Sloppy Joes with chips & pickles


Spaghetti, green salad & bread


Spending the day with family


Glazed chicken with rice pilaf & fruit