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It’s late, it’s finally the weekend and my cat is crawling all over my computer. This one is mostly a “link love” post – enjoy!

~ 1 ~

My friend Beth hosted The Best Online Art Gallery Ever a few days ago on her blog. D has some original works posted on there. I’m such a proud mom! Take a gander for a cute display of wee ones and their handiwork!

~ 2 ~

Update: we are now a “working dishwasher” home! And while I’m so incredibly thankful the new washer isn’t sitting in a box in our garage, I’m also a little disappointed in the thing. It’s much louder than our older KitchenAid was (sounds like a freight train coming through the kitchen), but it’s also smaller. Must look at the bright side on this one and that is, no more huge piles of dishes on the countertop every night!

~ 3 ~

Warning: you are about to enter the cute zone if you dare to watch this clip. I kind of wish I could get this laugh as my ringtone!

~ 4 ~

I’ve mentioned before that we live in a “small-ish” home, at least in comparison to the other homes we’ve lived in as a married couple. Our decision to buy a smaller home rather than one that was equal or greater to what we had previously lived in has all kinds of reasons behind it. But even if I were still single, and even if I wanted to live in Manhattan, I still don’t think I would choose to live like this gal does. Yowza. Be sure to watch the video for a gander into her home.

~ 5 ~

Easter is coming and if you live in the U.S. then that means Peeps have lined the shelves of the seasonal aisles. While I’m not a fan of the shockingly sugar-surged treats, I did think this gift idea was super cute. And the Peep S’more does look mighty tempting…

~ 6 ~

I’m nearly finished reading this book and while I’ve had it on my “current reads” list for months now, I’ve gotten through the last half of the book in the last week or so. It is an incredible read and I hope to do a review on it soon.

Welcome to the weekend!