I had a few hours with just one kid this morning so I took the opportunity to drive out to visit Joe. It was a good visit, as expected. One apple kept L occupied the entire time while I perused the aisles, enjoying all the new goodies that weren’t there a month ago.

That’s about how often I get to visit Joe. Trader Joe’s, that is. For the most part I don’t mind the monthly visit to Joe, except for the small carts. I end up with an overflowing cart and am pretty convinced that people must think I’m feeding a small army along with my little guy in the front seat.

Since I’ve made the visit to Joe a regular part of my shopping routine I’ve developed a bit of anticipation about certain things. There’s nothing else like these particular yummies in other grocery stores and then to try some new yummies is always something to look forward to as well. Here’s just a smattering of what I like to get every time I visit Joe.


If you like dark chocolate and banana, then Gone Bananas will knock your socks off. I love this little box of frozen treats because I can quickly sneak one out while the boys are running around & it’s a solid bite of YUM to enjoy for a bit before they catch on. No opening of cartons, no digging out spoons, just a quick grab of chocolaty banana goodness.


My usual experience with Kettle Corn has been “yum!” at first but then after a few bites it becomes “No thanks, too sweet!” Not so with this bag. Holy smokes, both Hubbs and I can only have one bag to share with each trip to Joe’s and once it’s opened then it does not last long. At only $1.99 a bag (seriously!!) I’ve even been tempted to eat a bag while doing my shopping and then buy another bag to bring home to share with Hubbs. But my waistline continues to expand without that sort of habit, so I refrained. Today.



I love orange chicken. I’ve tried making orange chicken from scratch in my kitchen and have failed miserably. This frozen bag of Mandarin Orange Chicken is $4.99 and is the best deal EVER if you like orange chicken. You bake the chicken for 20 minutes or so, microwave the sauce in a separate bowl, then pour the sauce over the chicken. DELISH! Add some rice and steamed broccoli and you’ve got a winner of a dinner that everyone loves, with hardly any effort. They also have a Teriyaki Chicken frozen bag as well that is scrumptious. Highly recommend keeping a bag or two in the freezer for those nights that your normal dinner plans fall through but you don’t want take-out.

IMG_1533YUM. That pretty much sums up the amazing taste of Joe’s Apple Cranberry Pie Filling. Do I plan to make a pie with this particular jar? No. But if I did, it would be amazing. Dump the entire contents of the jar into an unbaked crust, top with a crust or a crumble topping and bake. Looks and tastes like I slaved away cutting apple all morning. I’ll be using this particular jar in some breakfast parfaits for me and the boys during the week, as well as a topping on vanilla ice cream for dessert for Hubbs. For the parfait, just warm some pie filling up, add some granola and some plain Greek yogurt. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!


This is the newest item to enter my freezer from Joe’s. I got them for the boys – 8 cones in a box – perfect! Somehow I think I may be sneaking one out of the box now and then as well. Aren’t they cute?? I’ll let you know if they meet my “yum” expectation!