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Hello. It’s nearly the end of April. Are you as bewildered about that as I am?? Let’s get on with things, shall we?

~ 1 ~

As much as I’d like to think I’ve finally overcome it, I still, evidently, have issues with contentment. I’ve changed my blog look – again. But it’s free, it’s fun, and since I can’t change the color of my house (yet) then I might as well change something!

~ 2 ~

I haven’t forgotten about being Purposeful, even if the days seem to be screaming by me as sunny, then cold, then windy, then warm. I have been on the hunt for a wooden Advent calendar to help the boys gain anticipation for celebrating Jesus’ birth beginning December 1st. Last year I started looking at Thanksgiving time…yeah, not so smart. I figured the prices would be much more reasonable the further you ordered one from December. Hah! They still run anywhere from $50 to $200. As pleased with myself as I am that I’m actually planning ahead this year, I’m still having a tough time swallowing spending $50 or more for a piece of wood with 24 doors carved out of it.

~ 3 ~

On the flipside, “Purposeful” hasn’t exactly been the best way to describe myself as we near the ending of the fourth month of the year. I’m a little disappointed in myself as I missed another important birthday and Easter is nearly upon us with nary a thought from me in terms of making it meaningful for my children. While Lent has never been something I’ve observed in the past, it does interest me when others sacrifice something in preparation Holy Week and Easter. This year my friend Teri decided to sleep on the floor during Lent. I believer that’s 40 days on the floor, but I no doubt could be wrong about that. I’m guessing if it’s not 40 days, then it’s probably longer. Teri’s example, along with a few others around me, has helped me begin thinking of how I can observe Lent next year.

~ 4 ~

Even though now is the time to be getting those garden beds prepped and ready for the planting of my spring garden, I’m just not quite there yet. I can’t tell if it’s due to the wacky weather or because the thought just exhausts me when I do think about it, but, the beds are most definitely not ready yet. I have taken the last few days to start clearing away the “old-person” white rock that exists in our front yard. Yes, that’s where the garden will be this summer. I’m hoping the blast of western sunlight will yield a larger quantity of veggies, as well as the location making it easier for my neighbors to tend to the garden whilst the family and I are away on our various vacations.

~ 5 ~

So, the garden will be in the front of the house, but as I mentioned above, there’s nothing but rock and grass out there. I am envisioning several raised garden beds where the white rock currently is. So in the mornings I head out there and use a hoe to scrape the rock into piles, then shovel about 10 scoops of rocks into a wheelbarrow, then lug that blastedly heavy wheelbarrow across the grass, across the driveway and dump it into a pile on the side of the house. I really hope I can get it all scraped and moved in a month’s time! Then I’ve asked a friend’s hubby to build me some planter boxes and help me with irrigation. I figure even if I only get some tomatoes and beans planted that at least the beds will be there next Spring and maybe I’ll even attempt another shot at a winter garden this Fall. Maybe.

~ 6 ~

D and I saw a HUMONGOUS opossum walking along our back fence like a cat the other day. This thing was huge, white, and I can not tell you how incredibly thankful we were not outside at the time! I have no idea if they’re dangerous or not but the thing just gave me the heebie jeebies when I was looking at it from 30 feet away! It was enlightening though, as I see those things dead in the middle of the roads around here quite frequently and now I know why – he was quite slow in his traveling across my fence!! Or maybe all those critters on the road were all just “playing possum”…hahahahaha. I’m terrible, I know.

~ 7 ~

It’s tough being a good parent these days. I know, I’m sure it’s been tough since Eve’s first little one peed on her fig leaf dress. I read “mom” blogs now and then and while they have a lot of useful information, they also tend to bring me into some kind of “panicky” way of viewing life, like it doesn’t matter what good I’m doing right now with my kids; because according to these blogs, I am WAY off the mark and need to catch up – NOW! The latest issue (at least in my readings) has been the concern over dyes and chemicals in food that is manufactured for young kids. I’m currently reading 2 different books by Louise Bates Ames, both written over 30 years ago. I was stunned when she voiced concern over chemicals and dyes being used in food and that it was “known” to cause hyperactivity in children – 30 years ago. Apparently enough pressure was put on manufacturers in the U.K. and companies like Kraft to make the same products over there using all-natural ingredients – no Red 40 or other such common dyes for them. It’s all interesting to me, but I’m trying not to feel like I have to overhaul my children’s entire diet as an experiment to see if it actually does make a difference in their behavior.

Have a blessed Easter!