Easter is tomorrow.

For my family, Easter is a reason to get family together to dine over something delicious.


Easter is a reason to get some eggs out, cover the table with newspaper and hope the colors stay on the eggs and don’t make their way to the clothing.

Though my family enjoys that tradition in our culture, there’s a much more important part of our celebrating Easter.

That will happen tomorrow morning.

On this evening, the tomb is still covered. Jesus has been crucified. His body has been wrapped for burial. There are so many questions in the minds of those who witnessed his death.

For some, tomorrow’s traditions continue with various festivities or none at all. It’s just another holiday on the calendar.


photo by arbyreed, “Sunrise” over Provo Canyon in Utah

For my family, tomorrow morning is a reason for rejoicing! The tomb has been opened. The body is no longer there; the burial clothes have been left behind!


Easter is the reason to remember that

Jesus LIVES!


Tomorrow there will be a gathering of believers, of family, of friends. There will be drama, music, dancing, and singing!

We do not serve a God who remained in the grave. If He did, then Easter would not exist.


We serve a God who LIVES.