One of my favorite blogs to visit is Your Homebased Mom, mostly because of the wonderful recipes Leigh Ann offers. There are also great craft ideas, like these super cute Easter baskets.

As part of our Easter dinner plans, I decided to try out the Spinach Strawberry Salad Leigh Anne wrote about here. I truly wished I had taken a picture of this salad because it was so pretty, especially since I had used my great-grandmother’s glass bowl to serve it in. I believe all of the adults at the table on Easter Sunday will agree with me that it was VERY yummy! I loved it for the light, yummy flavor and for how easy it was to make. And just a note, I did not add the red onion as I don’t care for raw onions, but regardless, this salad will be on our dinner table throughout the summer!


D had his Open House tonight at preschool and I decided to make some Lemon Crinkle Cookies, (on Portland Mama by Leigh Anne)  to bring to the event. If you know me, then you know that lemon isn’t exactly my all-time favorite flavor. I love a spritz of fresh lemon over any kind of seafood, but I would have a very difficult time getting down a drink of lemonade. So for me to think that a lemon cookie would be something I would like, must mean my tastes are changing or I’m losing my taste buds as I get older!

IMG_1679These cookies are incredibly quick and easy to make and the taste is divine. They remind me of a Snickerdoodle in their texture and the lightness of the lemon definitely compliments the Spring season.

As I was making the second cookie tray I realized I had completely forgotten to add the salt! They turned out just fine in both taste and texture so I would imagine the salt might give a little more “punch” to the flavor. I’ll find out next time I make these! I also thought they would be delicious with orange zest and a fresh squeeze of orange juice if lemon isn’t your cup of tea either.

Happy Spring!