My boys tend to squabble. A lot. There is teasing, screaming, yelling, tears, spitting. Mostly screaming.

They also like to play, though not much as much as they like to squabble. So while there is inevitably screaming and tears, there is also laughter, digging, dumping, building, racing.

Thankfully they both like to “read” a lot. Lately L has enjoyed his books with D on the top bunk before it’s lights out. It is such a peaceful scene. They are both so content being right next to each other. They are engrossed in their own books and yet sharing the moment together.

I love it.

So of course I had to take a picture!

I don’t show much of their faces on this blog, but hopefully the angle I snapped it at gives you the idea of why it’s a precious scene to me.


A scene like this at the end of a scream-filled day gives me hope for a more peaceful tomorrow!