P1050992It’s happened again. One of my children has zoomed past another year and is off and running to the adventures that a new year will bring!

L is TWO years old today! These first few years of a little guy’s life bring countless changes. Everything changes, from their looks to the sound of their voice; their little personality becomes a much bigger personality and their abilities continually impress you.

L had a rough start the first few months of his little life as we tried to figure out why he was so very unhappy most of the time. We’re pretty sure it was acid reflux but looking back, I really can’t say for sure what caused his angst but I am so very thankful that he eventually grew out of it.

This past year brought a faster pace – running – to his steps. He can climb without fear and his belly laughs continue to put smiles on the faces of all who are near him.

He still loves a good snuggle but is also a very confident little man and will let you undoubtedly know when he would rather run than be held. His screams continue to amaze his daddy and I, though now we’re much more aware that it’s his “anger button” that has been pushed than the “pain button” – it took awhile for us to figure that one out. L has many talents and reaching octaves unheard of out of someone so little is one of them!!

IMG_1755Sadly he was up for a bit last night with a fever that continued on through the morning, so our low-key birthday festivities were even lower than planned! We had a small birthday BBQ yesterday with some friends and he was able to enjoy that quite well, thankfully. He had his usual birthday cupcake this morning and opened a few gifts.


Happy Birthday, my sweet little love!

May Two be a year of love and adventure!