A little more than a week ago I was wearing my cute lime green jacket with a hood as I jetted around town doing my errands. It was pouring rain and quite cool for it being the month of June.

Since Wednesday of last week it has officially become Summer around here with much warmer temps, and unfortunately even less desire for me to be in the kitchen cooking anything.

With the warmer weather outside has been an increase in my “internal” temps as well – the hot flashes are back. Bugh.

So what’s a busy mom to do? Make pizza, of course!

There is almost nothing easier than making your own pizza. Granted, it’s not the healthiest dish out there, especially if you use a store-bought crust, but it’s cheaper than eating out and almost anything is healthier than eating out. So, deal.

IMG_1921We love BBQ Chicken Pizza the most – at least Hubbs and I do. If you have BBQ Chicken Pizza in a restaurant or a pizza joint, it will come with sliced or diced red onion on it. That’s a big “ick” for me, so mine is made sans onions. Pair it up with some sliced watermelon or a fruit salad and you’ve got a filling dinner in less than 15 minutes, including oven time.

The recipe is below, but the amounts of the ingredients can be adjusted to your own personal preference.


Happy summer!


Vic’s BBQ Chicken Pizza

1 Boboli crust (or make your own crust)

2 cups shredded and cooked chicken breast

2-3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

1/2 cup, plus 4 TB (divided) BBQ sauce

1-2 TB chili powder (to taste)

1-2 tsp garlic powder (to taste)

sliced olives

1. Heat oven according to package instructions (usually 400 – 450).

2. In a small bowl, add BBQ sauce, chili powder and garlic powder. Mix well.

3. In a medium bowl, add BBQ sauce mixture to shredded chicken. Mix well.

4. Put remaining 4 TB of BBQ mixture onto pizza crust and disperse evenly.

5. Add chicken mixture to crust. Top with shredded mozzarella cheese and sliced olives.

6. Bake according to directions (usually 8 to 10 minutes).