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As I look at my chock-full calendar through the summer months, I begin to feel a bit sad. I think the “lazy days” of summer are long gone for us as a family…at least for awhile. There’s lot of “play” scheduled for the summer – road trips of all kinds, even a trip on an airplane.

There’s a lot of “doing” rather than toiling around the yard, enjoying the local festivities, getting on each other’s nerves because it’s so darn hot, being shocked at HOW many more days there are until school starts…OK – I take it back.

It’s a good thing we have a full calendar, at least while the boys are young!!

~ 1 ~

Saw this link on another blog. If you plan on being in water or near water this summer, then this article is a MUST READ.

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

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I finally did it. I’ve been doing it indoors for a long while now. But I took the plunge.

I finally took a run in the great outdoors.

To be honest, I both hated it and enjoyed it. Is that possible?

I hated how many car fumes I seemed to be inhaling & I really hated how I could hear people yelling at each other from inside their homes since their windows were open. I even stopped to make sure I didn’t need to contact the police at one house – which I wouldn’t have been able to do since I didn’t have a cell phone with me.

I enjoyed the cool breeze on my face – my sweaty, red face. I enjoyed the scenery, homes I hadn’t paid much attention to before, people I wouldn’t have noticed had I just been driving by.

I’ll do it again sometime, I’m sure. Especially since my gym membership expires next month. I just hope I can find ways to enjoy it more because the whole “running with cars” thing did not jive well with me.

~ 3 ~

There’s a girl in Japan who floats.


Her name is Natsumi Hayashi and she is brilliantly talented in “levitation photography”, as she calls it. MSNBC highlighted her skills here. Take a few moments to see more of Natsumi’s photographs. Brilliant.

~ 4 ~

Hubbs and I watched the movie Inside Job last night. This movie is a “must watch” for all Americans. Just be sure to eat a solid meal before you watch it because you’ll be sick to your stomach afterwards.

Greed is ugly. Period.

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If I know you personally and you are on my blogroll, then I must tell you – I’ve been “ignoring” my Google Reader for a week now, maybe longer. I keep hoping for a good chunk of time that I’m not watching a movie *ahem* or trying to fall asleep while fighting hot flashes to pour over the great and wonderful things my friends have been writing about. I hope I haven’t missed anything super significant going on, but in case I have, then now you know why I haven’t responded. I promise – I’ll get to it!!

Have a great week!