IMG_2313Summer is in full swing for my little family! The heat has finally kicked in, the squishy pool has made its way out of the garage and into our backyard, and the first of several vacations has already come and gone.

By the way, before children, the word “vacation” typically involved roller coasters, cruise ships, cotton candy, first experiences in new destinations. The word “vacation” would include times of rest, leisure, refreshment.

Not so much now.

I can’t use the word “trip” when talking about visiting family and friends because that sounds too much like a business meeting or something. I can’t say “get away” because we definitely are not getting away from the CHILDREN. And I can’t say “holiday” because I’m not European. So, vacation it is – I just felt the need to clarify that for some reason.

Anyhoo, our first vacation of the summer sent us back down to the Central Coast of California. The temps hovered around 65 degrees or so. Ahhhhhh.

We had a nice time with my in-laws for a few days, which included a fun date night with Hubbs. We had an incredibly delicious dinner at Trattoria Uliveto. I had the ravioli and could not believe how absolutely yummy it was. We followed that by attending Hubbs’ 20-year high school reunion. I honestly thought I would simply be standing there for a few hours with a smile pasted on my face as I knew only 1 other person there – my hubby. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how FUN it was!

My 20 year reunion was held last year and I chose not to attend, for various reasons. So I’m not sure if it was because this group of people was similar in age or what, but it really was an interesting night, discovering where people were at “these days” and doing it face to face – not via social media. It was fun looking at Hubbs’ yearbook that night, being able to recognize people I had quickly gotten to know and seeing them in their senior photos. So for what it’s worth, I highly recommend attending a high school reunion, especially if you’re bringing your significant other along!

The final half of our vacation was spent with long-time friends on Oceano Beach who had rented a beach house for a few days. I think there were over 12 children amongst all of us, so it was a bit crazy most of the time, but fun nonetheless!

D had a complete blast on the sandy beach. That’s D in the picture up top.

L most definitely did not like the sandy beach. Not. One. Bit. If L wasn’t in my lap, crying about the sand, then he was like this:


crying about the sand.

D could have spent all day on that sandy beach, running, jumping, digging, making “sand angels”, running. He even enjoyed being buried up to his neck in the sand. Yes, my boy has sensory needs and that sandy beach gave his sensors plenty to be happy about!

We stopped off for a cold drink at McDonald’s in Santa Nella on our drive home. We were definitely NOT on the coast any longer. The temperature registered at 105!!

It was good to be home in our own beds, but the Central Coast will always be a place my family and I will enjoy visiting,

on vacation, on a trip, or on holiday.