This has by far been the worst summer for me when it comes to feeding my family healthy food. We are traveling a lot – fast food galore. I battle fatigue and hot flashes every evening – slaving over a hot stove? Hah!

I’m sure a warm evening in general is tough for most moms, which is why I feel compelled to spread the love of an easy meal. My family and I enjoy breakfast for dinner every Wednesday. While breakfast hasn’t gotten “old”, waffles have. At least, they have for me. And since I’m the cook, that means I get to change things up a bit.

Enter in: French toast


I don’t know why something like French toast used to intimidate me. Probably because I never bothered to read up on how it’s actually made. Once I ran across this recipe, I tried it for myself and a winning meal was born. Quick, easy and – most importantly – delicious! Healthy? Mmmm…that’s debatable.

I think the most important element of this meal is the bread. I’ve made this recipe with Texas Toast and it works fine. But it wasn’t on the store shelf when I needed it last time so I went with this:


I have no idea what Italian bread is, but I liked it even more than the Texas Toast. It is a perfect choice if you happen to see it in your local grocery store.

This recipe yields about 9 pieces of Italian bread, which feeds all 4 of us quite nicely.


Vic’s Easy French Toast

(adapted from a recipe on

8-10 pieces of thick white bread

3 eggs

1 c milk

2 TB brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla


– heat a griddle to 375 – 400 degrees

– in a shallow bowl, beat the eggs

– add all ingredients but the cinnamon; mix well

– soak both sides of the bread quickly and fry on a lightly oiled griddle until brownIMG_2424

– sprinkle each piece with cinnamon; garnish with fruit