I learned 8 things in 3 minutes today.

If you are a parent of children under the age of 5, or you have children in your midst under the age of 5, or you know someone with children under the age of 5, then this information may be helpful for you to learn as well.

1. Always keep a safety gate to keep little ones away from an area where you store medicine.

2. A 24-lb. two-year-old child does not need to be rushed to the emergency room if he has consumed 6 birth control pills. He may have a puke incident once or twice a few hours later, but no major harm done.

3. Post your local poison control number in an easy-to-find place in your home. Better yet, put it on speed dial on your cell phone.

4. Always have a second option for making a phone call in your home. Once you drop the cell phone – the only way of making a phone call when you don’t have a landline anymore – and the cell phone is in pieces on your kitchen floor, it becomes very challenging to make a phone call, especially when you’re freaking out and trying to watch your child to see if he’s becoming sleepy because of the pills he just ingested or because he didn’t have a nap that day.

5. Figure out what coping mechanism works best for you in an emergency with your children so you will STAY CALM, preferably before an emergency.

6. Don’t forget about the three-year-old you are babysitting during said emergency; that’s the first time they’ve seen you freak out and might freak out themselves.

7. Just because you have an almost five-year-old in your midst who tells you (in a very whiny, crying manner) when his little brother is doing something like playing with a toy he forgot even existed does not mean he will tell you when the little brother is getting into your birth control pills…and eating them!!

8. Finally, most importantly, don’t forget to give God thanks for His grace in your parenting. We are all so imperfect and we all forget things that are important not to forget.

Consider this your parenting PSA for the day!