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There’s lots to catch up on, so let’s get started!

~ 1 ~

I am so thankful to report that L did not have any puking episodes as result of his estrogen boost yesterday! However, there was a full morning of hiccups along with many diaper changes throughout the day. I’ll take that over puke!

~ 2 ~

The past month has been filled with various travel and lots of visits to the water park with friends when we’re in town. It’s also been a month of frustration and waiting as we are still in the process of getting a second opinion for D regarding his sensory integration issues. When we first started down this road, I was fully believing D would have been able to start therapy in early June and have 3 solid months of therapy under his belt before school starts in September. While we were very thankful for the insight that Dr. J. offered us in May, it was highly recommended that we get at least a second opinion before putting any out-of-pocket expenses into therapy. All good

suggestions except that means having to go through the insurance company. This will hopefully save us money in the long-run, but it most certainly has not saved us time. It has taken me over a month just to get the correct paperwork from D’s ped’s office to Children’s Hospital. Seriously. A fax. That’s all that is holding this up. I called again yesterday and was told that they actually have the correct fax in hand, that it takes 1 to 2 weeks to process and then they will call me to set up an appointment.

So the waiting continues.

~ 3 ~

I’ve always been a fan of feeding my kids fruit and veggies over something that comes in a package, but of course, they aren’t always game for that. D has actually been more inclined to fresh foods than L, but they still both love a good dose of cereal in the morning over an egg or a piece of toast. Thus, I have been working on perfecting the perfect “green” smoothie to get those lovely greens and fruits into my boys as well as to give us all a chance at having a decent start to the day. I consider my efforts a success about 50 percent of the time, usually when I remember to add a dollop or two of creamy peanut butter to the mix. I recently came across a blog post that gives a short little tutelage about how to make a good green smoothie. The post is over at Simple Mom. The next time you’re at the grocery store, consider picking up some kale with those frozen strawberries and see what you can come up with! IMG_2572

~ 4 ~

I have a dear friend who has recently become engaged and I am SO excited for her! I can’t say much about it right now as many don’t know yet, but let’s just say I may be headed overseas sometime in the next year to be at the wedding, all depending on what ticket prices look like! This won’t be my first overseas wedding experience. I was privileged to be a part of another dear friend’s wedding in 1996 in N. Ireland. It was so great to be there with Jane that day (who was also in my wedding!) but it was so cool getting to see a wedding first-hand in a different culture. I highly recommend going if you’re ever invited to wedding that is of a different culture than your own!

~ 5 ~

I have a friend here in town that I’ve known for about 9 months now. She’s a part of the mom’s group I’m now the President of (see me rubbing my fingernails on my shoulder with a smirk on my face…) as well as a part of my women’s Bible Study group. Her husband has a job but it is very low pay and does not offer benefits, so he is consistently looking for better work. They have 2 young boys that get along very well with my boys and we’ve always spent time together at my house or at a park. Today I was in her house for the first time as she had watched L for me while I took D bike shopping (another story for later) and while we were chatting I couldn’t help notice the gorgeous wood toys they had laying around. A large airplane, a train, a truck, etc. Beautifully hand crafted and very solid. I asked where she got them as those are the types I’ve toys I’m trying to add / replace with what we have for D. Those types of toys are known as “open-ended” toys because they lend themselves to imagination and creativity much more than a plastic toy will.

“Oh, my husband made them.”

WHAT??? I seriously could not believe what my ears were hearing. I was like, “Do you know he could have a business with something like this?? This is real talent!! It’s an art form to create this from out of thin air! It will always be wanted…” I don’t think she expected such an excited response.

Then she took me to the garage and showed me the project he was currently working on: a hope chest type bench. Incredible! Problem is, he has pretty low self-esteem, he doesn’t have a lot of time to work on his projects, and he doesn’t have all the tools he needs to be more creative in his projects.

I’m interested to see where this goes for them. And hopefully I’ll be able to purchase one or two items down the road!

This has been a long Ridd Quick’s already so I’ll stop here for now. We’ve got a big weekend planned for D who will be turning FIVE on Monday!