I think I’ve mentioned it before. In case I haven’t, let me make it clear:

This has been a very busy summer!!

So while it has been busy, it really has been because of some great stuff. Mostly it’s been loads of time spent with all kinds of family and friends, a very good thing indeed!

Thankfully we had planned early and were able to send D and L up to Oregon to spend a few days with their grandparents. Even more thankfully, the boys did really well and the grandparents even asked to do it again sometime.


The days they were in Oregon were the warmest days of the summer for us. So while I had all kinds of plans for how Hubs and I were going to revel in the freedom of being childless for a few days, it was a bit taxing to do even the simplest task with that blazing sun bearing down on our pink little home.

However, we still accomplished home improvement tasks. First, we spent a day cleaning out our garage, reorganizing, and putting it all back together. I didn’t take great pics, but hopefully you’ll get the gist.

Garage Before




We decided to remove a section of the built-in shelving to accommodate the ever-growing clothing tubs that were typically housed up in the terribly convenient rafters.



Ahhh…I love plastic tubs!! Kids clothing, cloth diapers, boys, camping gear (stop laughing), Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, hockey gear, paperwork from 3 homes and more – all on one wall. Yippee!!

Next up was my bedroom closet. I have always believed there was so much potential lying behind the wood doors of the master closets. And I was not wrong. We removed the doors for good (which come in quite handy to hold items up in those rafters!), ripped out the ONE long closet rod, the ONE long shelf, did some patching, painted the inside the same yellow that’s on our kitchen walls (since it’s what we had on hand), bought a kit at Home Depot and 2 hours later we went from this:

Closet Before


(yeah, forgot to take a genuine “before” shot so this is really “during” but it shows the layout of the original closet)



Needless to say, Hubs was slightly freaked out at this point…



Fresh paint – yippee!!!!


I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I knew I wanted to use ALL of the space in this closet. I knew I wanted some kind of shelving in this extra space and when we saw these Martha Stewart cubes and the measurements would work, I got excited. I still didn’t know it would turn out this great, though!




Can I just say how much I love my husband??!! We are NOT “handy” people and I love how we both made this project happen in one day!


Our bedroom is approximately 11 ft x 11 ft, so anything like a dresser…or two dressers…really sucks up the space. I was able to put nearly all of my dresser items into the cubbies as well as have a storage space for my hats and sweaters.

Eventually we’ll do Hubs closet and hopefully be able to either rid the room of dressers altogether or narrow down to a smaller dresser that fits the room better.

And yes, I love not having closet doors. It really opens the room up, my closet still looks this neat after several weeks of use, and I love that I can “see” everything in there! Plus I’m able to separate my clothing by seasons, something I have always hated about the one long closet rod effect of most closets.

Has your summer included any home improvement projects? I’d love to hear about them!

ETA:  OK, so our bedroom is small but not 11 x 11…more like 14 x 14. I was typing this in a Starbucks last night (thanks Hubs!) and the Frappucino was freezing my brain!