The boys and I found something this morning.


This little guy is one of the hatchlings from the 2 birds nests we have in our backyard. I usually see at least one baby bird on the grounds of the backyard each year as they figure out how their wings work. This baby happened to be smack dab in one of the bushes of the flower bed.

At first I couldn’t tell if he was hurt, asleep or near death. His eyes were closed, his head kept bobbing to one side, and other than that he wasn’t moving.

I let the boys take a peek at him for a bit. They were both very good at not touching the bird, which surprised me!


I went to pick up the bird to see if it needed help of any kind and it most definitely did NOT as it fluttered all about in the bush! Still didn’t do any kind of flying, but it’s eyes popped open. I could hear the momma bird squawking away so I asked the boys to come inside so she wouldn’t be freaked out too much.

Yeah, they didn’t like that idea too much. So I started in with some begging and trying to explain my reasons why it wasn’t good to stay so close to the bird, all without success.

Eventually, with some tears from 2 little boys of course, they agreed to watch the bird from inside the house.


After some distractions they went about their business inside while I had a meeting with a friend. About an hour later I asked D to check on the bird, which I was pretty convinced would still be there and may not even be alive at that point.

“He’s gone!”

So the wee little bird proved me wrong. He managed to get enough strength to move to higher ground…or at least a different part of the backyard!

Bye bye birdie. Welcome to the world!