It’s been a busy week around here, but all good stuff. It was Breakaway at our church all week – formerly known as “VBS” to us old-school folks. Some churches do still hang to the Vacation Bible School name, but Breakaway it is for us!


Excavating sea creatures from the ice!

This year’s theme was Breakaway to the Arctic Freeze, so the church was done up to look like you were walking into a big igloo. They did a fine job of the decorations and all the crafts, drama and such were centered around that theme.

The verse the kids learned all week was Joshua 1:9:

God is with you wherever you go

Each day they were told a portion of the story of Joseph and they added a little symbol to their “snow globe” they were making all week. Glitter represented the rainbow colors of Joseph’s coat. Small beads that spelled out the word “HOPE” represented  the hope Joseph had that God had not abandoned him when he was imprisoned. A red plastic heart represented the love Joseph chose to have for his brothers when he was in charge of all the food. A marble represented 2 things: the dark part of the marble in the center represented TROUBLE – as in life, there will always be troubles. The lighter part of the marble surrounding the dark color represented God’s presence – because He never leaves us, even when there are troubles in life.

In all there 475 kids that attended the summer camp! There were also 240 volunteers to help run things and that’s what I did all week – I helped out in D’s class anywhere they needed me. Most days the 3 other adults and myself – the Red Bears – had 26 four and five-year-olds to lead around to the various activities, make sure everyone was doing their best at sharing, and most definitely making sure they were having FUN!

Here’s a few pics from the week – at least the pics that don’t show kids’ faces! I love this event for many reasons but I’m always reminded how much training I really do need as a parent. I get loads of ideas each time I help with the kids, I get to see healthy, CALM, and effective discipline right before my eyes, and I get to know my own child a little better as I watch him from the sidelines.

I highly recommend helping out when you have the chance at something like Breakaway. It’s a refreshing and rejuvenating experience to see the world through a kids’ eyes!


No camp experience is complete without catching a
real live bug!


Fun with water and jewels!


This craft was a definite highlight for the kids. It’s called “floam” or PlayFoam and it is beyond bizarre how it works. Definitely a good stress reliever!


D practicing is coordination on “stilts”


Every day the volunteers got a little treat with a
message of thanks.