There’s always something deliciously cozy about putting on a pair of oh-so-comfy jeans and a soft, long-sleeved cotton shirt on those first days of Autumn. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but in case I haven’t, I hope I get to wear jeans in Heaven. Honestly, they are just the most comfy pieces of clothing I have and if my baby pooch sticks with me for eternity, then at least I’ll be comfortable in my jeans!

Anyways, today has been by far the most Autumn-like weather we’ve had yet. Overcast. Cooler temps. “Cold” even this morning, 71 degrees inside. Brrr!

And of course rain. Lots and lots of RAIN. Ahhhhh…

So tonight, being that I’m not ready to add blankets to the bed just yet, means I reach for the second set of clothing that is amongst the most comfy – the pajamas. Flannel, of course.

When we tore apart my closet this summer and decided that most of my clothes would be on the hangers or stacked on a shelf, I thought for sure another added benefit – besides not needing to take up dresser drawer space – would be that I would no longer have to endure the smell of “funk”. Do you know that funk of which I am talking about?

Typically, when my opposite season clothing sat in a drawer for months at a time, they would inevitably all have a “funk” smell to them the first time I opened that dresser drawer. Certainly, sitting in the open air, on a shelf, would mean NO FUNK.


My cute flannel pajamas, folded neatly on their “winter pajama” shelf, stink.


Maybe if I keep them in the bathroom with me while I shower I can air them out enough to wear them tonight…because I am certainly not ready to start wearing socks to bed yet!