Even though I’m part of a writing challenge for the month of October, I’m not always going to be perfect at the “writing” part. Today is one of those days that I haven’t had too many quiet moments for me to collect my thoughts and even think up a topic, let alone actually write more than a few sentences about it.

So for today’s post, you get some links I’ve been hanging onto, with all intents and purposes to share them with you, my devoted readers. OK, with whomever happens to be clicking onto my blog for today!

First up, a personal fave from a friend of mine. Bethany is a budding lifestyle photographer and did a beautiful job of creating a montage of photos of a day in the life of her little family of four. Once you’re on the page, hover over the black square and you’ll see the option to press Play.

A Day in the Life



I found this next link whilst clicking through various news pages. While I’m not a complete “green” freak, I do some recycling, I’ve got 2 compost piles going and I am continually working at minimizing the amount of “stuff” that creeps into our small home.

However, unless I was the type that could envision myself living in an RV at some point, I don’t think I could see myself enjoying a Cube house. Absolutely nothing about it seems comfortable. Affordable? Definitely. “Green?” Of course. Comfy? No freaking way.

The Cube Project



Even though summer is nearly gone around here, I still think the next link is valuable information for anyone wanting a fairly simple yet healthy breakfast option, especially for your little ones. It’s called the “green” smoothie; maybe you’ve heard of it? I made these several times a week over the summer for the boys and most of the time, it was a hit. A few times I even added peanut butter, and that made it quite tasty. There’s all kinds of options for green smoothies out there, but I think the example given by Org Junkie is a great place to start. Drink up!

Org Junkie’s Daily Green Smoothie



This last one just came to me through a Facebook friend and I just have to share it. Such an interesting thing, this whole “necessity is the mother of invention.” I have no doubt you will be amazed at the inventiveness and appreciative of the “little” things in life we all take for granted.

Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Litre of Light)