D’s hair is looking “teddy bearish” again and I keep sweeping L’s hair out of his eyes. I can tell it’s been about a month since their last haircut. Our monthly tradition of getting haircuts continues to be one of my favorite parts of living in a smaller(er) town.

D has been going to Rocky since the day before his 2nd birthday, which also happened to be the last day that his momma touched his locks with a pair of scissors. We were leaving for Santa Maria the following morning and D desperately needed a haircut. He was also ready for a nap, so I thought I would speed things up a bit and use Hubs’ clippers for the back of D’s head instead of the scissors.

I got him all situated on our back porch, made sure the dial was set to the right number, then began clipping. After two swipes with the clippers I knew something wasn’t right…then it hit me. I had forgotten to put the guard on the clippers. Yep, I pretty much “skinned” my kids’ head to the skull; there was no way I could hide that or even come close to fixing it.

I found Rocky at a family barber shop downtown and got the bad news: it would ALL have to come off. My sweet baby boy, who has straight-as-a-bone hair, would soon have more hair on his arms than he would on his head. Within minutes he looked like a “boy” and no longer my “baby”.

I learned my lesson. $24 at the barber shop equals a lot less stress on me and it has taught my children patience as well as a friendly relationship with Rocky. L has sat in her chair since he turned a year old. About a year ago Rocky ventured out and started her own barbershop, where she employs 2 other gals who can wield a pair of clippers like nobody’s business.

As long as we live here, we’ll be seeing Rocky at least every 4 to 5 weeks. I love supporting her business and I love that my boys don’t look like their momma cuts their hair!