As many of you reading this know, when Momma is sick, “life” in the home gets a little crazy.

Some sick days aren’t so bad for me when Hubs is able to stay home with the kids. However, this past Friday he needed to be at work.


I had some kind of nasty stomach bug mixed in with a vicious headache that would not let up. I didn’t take any meds for the headache since I knew it would be “coming up” shortly thereafter. I knew it would be good for me to eat, but of course, who wants to do that when things are so unstable in the tummy?

Thankfully Hubs was able to stay home in the morning until D needed to get to school, so at least I didn’t have to rustle up the ability to NOT heave in the car while driving my two precious guys around town. That left me alone with L who is, apparently, very sensitive to the sounds of Momma getting sick.

Not 30 minutes went by once Hubs and D stepped out the door when I needed to visit “the loo.” I chose to keep the baby gate up in our bedroom doorway so L wouldn’t see what the heck I was doing.

Big mistake.

He immediately freaks out. Like, running around the house screaming at the top of his lungs, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” And when L screams, the walls shake. So I’m doing my business, trying to wrap things up pronto so I can get to L and assure him that yes, Momma is alright. But of course, one can’t just stop the sour stomach when they want to.

So then I try to “talk” to him in the middle of it all. Something like “Mommy’s OK!” ——- “L, I’ll be out in a minute!” ——–.

I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

Once the visit with the commode was done, I made it back to the living room and attempted to “play” with L, all the while feeling like I needed to crawl over to the nearest rock and pound my head into it just so the pain would stop already. I was given a lovely gift by my sister-in-law several years ago that has been a lifesaver for me in times like these. It’s some kind of pillow filled with herbs and stuff that when heated up in a microwave is like a hot towel on your face, your head or wherever you choose to put it for an ache or pain.

Yeah, it wasn’t working this time. So I decided to go for the ice bag.

Wrapped some ice up in a towel and maneuvered myself on the living room floor again with some big pillows so I could help L with the United States puzzle that he loves to do.

Then my stomach started acting up again. And the whole routine went exactly the same. The heaving, the screaming, the assuring, the relentless cries. Awful.

Hubs texted me: How are things?

My response: MISERABLE.

He then makes some kind of promise that he can come home if I need him to. Which of course I DO! What else does MISERABLE mean???

So then I start believing that relief will soon come. My knight in shining armor will get home sooner than I had held out hope for and I would no longer be responsible for the negative impact that Momma being sick is having on my little man. I could finally go and crawl under the covers and be done with the day already.

One hour goes by, no Hubs. Two hours go by, no Hubs.


I decide to go for the impossible and try to get L down for a nap. He’s had zero “real” play time, so of course his energy level is sky high. I’m a zombie who can’t even stand up straight and need to lay down. So I convince him to stay in his bed if Momma lies down with him. It takes about 20 minutes and finally, the deep, settled breathing sounds release me from a bunk bed to the comfort of my pillow, my soft blanket, my heated head wrap, and the knowledge that at least for an hour, Momma can be sick without any distractions.

Once I heard Hubs come home with D, there was immediate peace. Still had a headache, still had the stomach bug.

Once again I was so thankful for Hubs.

And for Coca Cola, since that’s what I drank after I woke up with a headache – STILL – and finally felt like I could get something to stay in my stomach. By the time I was finished with the can, headache was gone.

Go figure.

Thankfully, L survived the day without too much damage. He asked Hubs “You not get sick??” several times that day. He asked me the same question several times today as well.

I might need to figure out how to “get sick” a little quieter next time.