It’s October 22nd.

It’s been 22 days straight of posting a thought or two.

About half-way through the month, I was pretty much sick of my own “voice.”

If I post a few photos with captions and a sentence or two of descriptions, is that really helping me hone my writing skills? What’s the point otherwise?

I don’t like feeling like I have a “job” to do at the end of each night when I realize I still need to post something. I think quality is more important over quantity when others are reading your work. It’s not like this is my personal journal or something; it’s more like a virtual scrapbook of sorts.

The upside of sticking with the “goal” of 31 blogs posts in 31 days is that I have enjoyed “meeting” other bloggers out there in the web world. There’s a few blogs I’ll be visiting on a regular basis that I didn’t know about before this little venture.

Maybe you’ll find them interesting too.

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When the Kids Go to Bed ~ Moms Can Find Laughter in the Chaos


A Fresh Perspective ~ where I do my best to capture God’s beauty through my lens

Teachinfourth ~ Adventures and Misadventures of Daily Living

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And because I’m in a “link sharing” kind of mood, let’s keep going!

For a really good laugh and a lot of creativity from a guy, I highly recommend visiting this site:

My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

He took a sad situation and turned it into a hilarious adventure. I almost want to buy the book!

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Here’s a blog I came across recently through a friend of mine. I have really enjoyed reading Charles’ work, when I’ve had the time. His writing seems so effortless and he does a fabulous job of placing you right next to him as you’re reading, as though you were having a conversation.

Mostly Bright Ideas ~ Some of these thoughts may make sense. But don’t count on it.

A few of my favorite posts that I came across so far are:

The Climate Change Hullabaloo

Don’t Ask, Don’t Yell


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This article was passed around through various friend on Facebook. It is humbling, interesting, and amazing to me how different each parent’s journey is with their child. We can never know what God is going to ask of us before a child is entrusted to us. Never. Just more reason for me to trust Him; He knows the path I’m on better than anyone.

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And finally, I can not stop watching this video. Maybe it’s because I’m nearing the end of The Hole in Our Gospel and it just smacks of relevancy to me. Or maybe it’s because I would not believe someone would be so unselfish and so giving at this age if I wasn’t “seeing” it for myself. I’d love to know your thoughts after watching!