Engagement photo in Las Vegas, NV ~ October 2004

When I look at this photo and many others like it, I smile. And then I shake my head in wonder at all that lay before us after the photo.


Wedding Reception ~ November 6, 2004

I think of how awesome it is that we still have a blast together, no matter what we’re doing, no matter if someone’s crying or screaming their head off, no matter if there’s milk on the floor, or cake on our face.

Kitty pic1

Our first home in Henderson, NV ~ Spring of 2005

I think of how simple life was then, how much sleep we got, how much money we made, the wonderful vacations we had, how much I had to learn about cooking, how much I hated those blasted tile floors, how much sleep we got.


Baby Ridd #1 ~ 9.5 weeks

I think of the amazement and awe we both felt upon the first glance of our first little one. I remember how crazy it all seemed to us, watching the little jelly bean bounce around so playfully and how I could hardly breathe as I watched, I was just so amazed.


D’s birth ~ July 2006

And then he was here. And life would never ever be the same. More amazement. More awe. Less sleep…


Packing for California ~ April 2007

A new job. A new town. Closer to family. So very far from our dear friends. So far from our community we had grown to love and cherish. So far from so many memories. Anxiously ready to start making new memories and new friends.


Our “new” home ~ November 2007

I continue to be thankful for this house for so many reasons, but most especially for the many memories created here over the years. It’s the home we have lived in the longest thus far and I hope to live here for many years to come.


Baby Ridd #2 at 20 weeks ~ December 2008

Getting another glance at a new life was still an amazing feeling…and many prayers that this little guy would sleep.


L at 2 days old ~ May 2009

I remember the smell of him – so sweet. I remember how loud his cry was…and still is. I remember how much he looked like D’s twin.


Half Moon Bay ~ November 2011

Happy Anniversary, my love. I see two tired people with big smiles and thankful hearts for a chance to have some rest and fun together. I am so thankful God sees so much more than we can.

I wonder what I’ll see 7 years from now…