IMG_3182Yes, it’s true. I’m still talking about our summer vacation and I figure I better tell the rest of the story before we get to next summer!

Let’s see, our first few days were spent in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. Then we had a nice time visiting Grandma Clara in the quaint little town of Blue Earth, Minnesota.

Before we ended our trip, we were able to take a drive over to Whittemore, Iowa to spend the day with cousin Joe and his wife Judy. They are in their 70’s and they live in the same house that Judy was born and raised in.

I love visiting farms. I know they are immensely hard work. I know there is all kinds of bad weather to contend with (usually) with farm life. But I also know that I love seeing my boys on a farm. The wide open spaces, all kinds of things to explore, the wide open spaces…I’m not a farmer’s wife but I still have farm dreams for my family!


Cousin Joe farms corn and soybeans, so when we visit the highlight for the boys are all of those green John Deere tractors! The highlight for Hubs and I is the fantastically delicious food that Judy so graciously prepares for us each time we are able to visit. We always love the conversation and the chance to learn a little more about the history of Hubs’ side of the family.

Ever been on a John Deere tractor? One word: HUGE!


Cousin Ron, Joe’s son, is also a farmer. He had a blast with all 4 of the kids that day. Ron took all of them for a fun ride in one of Joe’s tractors. I just could not get over how big that tractor was in comparison to those kids!!



Cousin Joe talking about soybeans….



Time to talk corn, kids!


This is how D relaxes after a long day on the farm – find a tractor tire, put your feet up and keep a hold of a dried ear of corn, of course!


Our final day in Minnesota included taking some family photos at the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth. That day the Giant happened to have a Relay for Life t-shirt on…


Our last stop was to the Mall of America. The only shopping I did was to buy some much-needed sandals (no tax!). The rest of our time there was spent in the amusement park portion of the mall. I loved how the kids could have fun, even though they weren’t old enough to ride everything available.


Of course I had to indulge the boys and we all got ICEE’s.


We headed up to the food court to grab a bite to eat and that’s when they spotted it: the LEGO store. Holy smokes, it was awesome!


Definitely this little boy’s favorite place to be!


This little guy had fun too with the different play areas they had. I liked the fact I could sit in a very comfortable seat whilst my guys partook of the LEGO festivities.


We love our family. We love traveling with them. We love to visit them. We are so thankful for the fun adventures to be had in our big, beautiful country and I hope we get to do more adventures as a family in the years to come!