As my foot crossed the threshold into my kitchen from the garage this evening, my youngest boy “chose” that moment to vomit (as in, projectile vomit) all over himself, my arm and our kitchen floor.

My mind immediately went to a state of thankfulness. Not because of my views on vomit (see my earlier post here), but because of the timing of this particular incident.

I was so thankful he decided to let loose inside our home, on the linoleum floor, and not on our already spotted and worn carpet.

I was so thankful he had kept his contents inside his stomach on the drive home from the birthday party we had just enjoyed, and that those contents stayed put during the 2 hours spent at the gymnastics center at which the birthday party was being held.

I was so thankful D was still buckled into his car seat and not right in front of L as we came through the door.

I was so thankful it was the end of the weekend rather than the beginning of the weekend as this was undoubtedly the busiest weekend for our family this month.

I was so thankful, once again, that Hubs was home and readily available to come to my aid when he heard my groan of “UGH!” come out of my mouth. I chuckled when he later told me that he thought I had spilled a drink when we came through the door.

I was so thankful I still had 20 minutes before we were expecting the babysitter so I didn’t have to tell her at the door that she wasn’t needed that night after all.

All of that ran through my mind the first 5 seconds after the spew.

3 hours later, I’m still thankful.

Thankful for Hubs who whisked the tainted clothing off of L and ran the bath while I ran to look for the babysitter’s number. Somewhere between our getting home and L getting his bath, Hubs also cleaned up the mess.

I’m thankful that once L had a nice bath and was dressed for bed his spirits were high and he was back to his high-spirited, playful self. No more incidents…for now.

I’m thankful that because we had a jam-packed weekend I didn’t have time to clean our kitchen, as cleaning my kitchen floor is one of my least favorite chores. (Is there such a thing as a favorite chore?)

Tomorrow is a new day, the beginning of a new week. Tonight I’m thankful.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Whatever it is, I hope I can be thankful.