It’s finally here. My 30s have vanished. The 40s are now upon me.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion, well, momentous to me at least, I am sharing 40 things about me. For my birthday, I simply ask one thing of you:

* Please don’t judge me *

Things I’ve Done

1.   Played field hockey in high school

2.   Flown a plane

3.   Shot a pistol and a rifle (not at the same time, though!)

4.   Smoked a cigar

5.   Water skied on the Pacific Ocean

6.   Helped build a simple home for a family in an impoverished village in Mexico

7.   Traveled to Ireland a week after graduating high school by myself, after having been on a plane once in my life, with no cell phone (it was 1990), and having only heard my friend’s voice once on the phone before leaving my family at the San Francisco airport; navigating Heathrow airport was the most difficult part of the journey.

8.   Backpacked into the Trinity Alps for 3 days with friends, a guide and a few llamas (to carry our food)

9.   Swam in the Dead Sea

10. Played the piano in a band


Things I have Contemplated Doing…but never did

1.   Join the Army or the Air Force

2.   Finish college on loan money

3.   Buy a home in my 20s (OH – how I wish I had!!)

4.   Skydive (and now that I’m a mom, I never will!)

5.   Become a nurse

6.   Travel to Austria to stay with my friend Jane’s family for a season (again, how I WISH I had!!)

7.   Apply to court stenography school

8.   Elope

9.   Attend my high school 20-year reunion

10. Smoke a cigarette


Things I Am Currently Doing

1.   Keeping 2 children healthy, happy (most of the time) and, as much as possible, well rested!

2.   President of my local MOMS Club chapter

3.   Active in the women’s Bible study at my church

4.   Scrapbooking more than I have in the last 5 years

5.   Reading books more than I have in the last 5 years (at least books, that have nothing to do with sleep training)

6.   Trying to determine what my vocation in life really is

7.   Spending time with friends and family while I have both in my midst

8.   Learning about my son D and Sensory Processing Disorder

9.   Watching as little TV (while at home) as possible

10. Contemplating how to fit exercise into my daily schedule!!!


Things I Hope To Do…someday

1.   Be a foster parent and possibly an adoptive parent

2.   Finish college

3.   Travel to Spain with my family to visit my friend Jane

4.   Travel to Italy with Hubs

5.   Watch my kiddos graduate from high school

6.   Figure out how to feed my family on a reasonable budget

7.   Learn how to quilt and sew (using a sewing machine)

8.   Make my own jams, canned fruits, and tomato sauce

9.   Travel to Alaska

10. Take dance lessons