It’s finally here. The end of March. The final days of a crazy-full month that I was sure would bring sickness to one of us by this time. I am happy to report that all 4 of us have weathered the month quite well, although 3 weeks of crazy followed up with a 9-hour car ride lent for one of our more “I can’t wait to get out of this car!” experiences yet!

We headed up to Oregon on Friday for a visit with my parents, which included playing in the remaining snow in the backyard the second the boys were released from their carseats.


The weather warmed up and the rain came and went. My mom and I took the boys to The Science Factory in Eugene. It was a “good effort” in terms of what they offered, but we didn’t think we would be bringing them back anytime soon. There were some interesting displays and it’s possible the boys just needed to be a bit older to really enjoy it much. It wasn’t as “hands on” as I was hoping for.


A few of the displays weren’t working and it wasn’t a very large facility. I would say it’s worth a look for kids age 7 to 12 or so.


The rest of the weekend was filled with all kinds of laughter, good food, LOTS of building with LEGOs and K’Nex and just good family fun! Hubs and I were able to get some rest. I caught up on some reading and had a nice afternoon with my mom that included a yummy lunch at the Glenwood Café and a yummy dessert and coffee at The Sweet Life.

Hubs and I hit the road this morning sans children and had a delicious lunch in Medford at the Black Bear Diner – burger, fries and a delicious vanilla shake, all without being interrupted. Nice!!

We started up the pass and the rain kept coming…the winds were crazy…and then the snow started. It was beautiful, but it made me a bit anxious as we did not have chains with us and we weren’t sure how long the storm had been on the mountain at this point. I would have liked the boys to be with us just to see the beauty of the snow, but the wind was really crazy, which made driving that much more challenging. I know it would have stressed Hubs out if the boys weren’t getting along while he had to navigate.



The snow finally stopped after about a half hour and the rain continued. The winds continued to blow. And it rained and rained and rained the entire way from just outside Medford until we got home about 4,5 hours later!

So now we have 3 full days and 4 nights without the boys and a house that needs to be cleaned, a fridge that needs to get stocked, some wine that needs to be enjoyed and other home projects to tackle.


(I know, Charles Shaw is only $3.99 a bottle, but trust me – it’s good!)

We’ve already started on Hubs’ closet remodel, which I’ll post before and after photos on that later. Tomorrow’s plans are to clean, patch and paint the walls and install the shelving. It will be very similar to my closet once it’s finished, but I’m still excited to see how much more space we’ll have!

We’re also hoping to find a freezer for the garage (yippee!!!), which means some serious meal planning for freezer meals!

It’s late. The house is definitely quieter without my guys running about. I do miss them, no doubt, but I am also enjoying the silence and the expectation of a few nights of solid rest.

Now, where’s that glass of wine….