It started out as a simple little hole that D and his friend E would “dig” into with their plastic trucks a few years ago.

When it rained a few times over the summer, the hole would get a bit bigger and D would continue to dig into it, by himself or when friends were over.

Soon the hole became big enough for D to actually sit in, which he liked to do when playing outside by himself with his trucks and tools and buckets.

Then L came along. It took awhile before he was able to join D in the hole. Last summer was filled with adventures in mud, whether that was in the hole or a patch of dirt in the backyard.

It’s 88 degrees today. That’s pretty warm for us, being only April. Both boys have been itching to be “one with nature” for the last week or two in the backyard, mostly wanting to get into the pool (which for us is the $25 special plastic pool from WalMart).

I kept saying “no” to their request mainly because I just wasn’t ready yet. I wasn’t ready for summer to be here already. I wasn’t ready for the small hassle of baths every night, the application of sunscreen all over 2 squirmy bodies every time we head to the park, the quarrels over one brother splashing water in the other brother’s face in the $25 special from WalMart.

I just wasn’t ready.

Did I mention that it’s HOT today? Yeah, I’m ready.

The mud hole was easily prepared with a hose and some backyard toys. And while both boys still fit in the mud hole, it quickly became obvious that something needs to change.


Once the weather cools down, this momma will be digging a bigger mud hole.