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What could a dragon, an old lady & a pig have to do with each other? It’s time for another round of Library Book Reviews, of course!

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Me and My Dragon
by David Biedrzycki

I couldn’t tell what I liked more about this recently published story: the pictures or the story itself. Let’s start with the artwork.

clip_image002Smashingly bold, but not “babyish.” It really speaks to the young male reader with it’s dark use of reds and blues but still allows for that “innocent” connection with the facial expressions of the characters. I love love love the red dragon in every single picture. It makes me want a dragon!

The story is simple but full of imagination. Didn’t you know there were 7 Tips For Raising a Dragon? One obvious tip is to Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy, of course. But how about NEVER, EVER Feed Him Broccoli? Yep, bet you never thought of that one before!

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As I’ve mentioned before, books have always been a love of mine. I still own an original copy of All Kinds of Cats by Arnold Shapiro. It’s a lovely pop-up book I received from my 1st grade teacher. The inscription says, “To Vicki – Congratulations for reading 50 books! I am proud of your reading efforts! Love, Mrs. Drake” and it’s dated 1/4/79. I distinctly remember being told by my 7th grade English teacher (Mr. Knowlton…I think?) that it wasn’t necessary to do a book report on every single book I read. Apparently I had passed the required quota for the year by leaps and bounds. Boredom and a slight case of depression will do that to a pre-teen girl.

While I have a lovely list of “someday” books to read as well as 6 or 7 books I’m currently trying to get through these days, it’s just not been easy for me to find the time to absorb a good read and be able to put my thoughts down about it. Continue reading

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