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It worked

My compost pile appeared untouched this morning and, thankfully, there was zero odor. It was a very cool night last night, but still, I was kind of worried.

This morning I threw down the hammer at a few pieces of rebar, then wrapped some chicken wire through the rebar and around the pile. I was glad the “structure” wasn’t as flimsy as I initially thought it might be. If it becomes a problem, I can always wrap another layer of chicken wire around it all.

And now there are scraps of newspaper atop my pile. Apparently that’s compostable too!

Happy composting!

Even though I threw a bunch of dead leaves, weeds and other “greens” into a pile the other day, it doesn’t mean the compost had actually begun.

Tonight begins the true test on whether or not this little deal is gonna work for me. I collected fruit & veggie scraps for the past few days and tonight I tossed them into the pile. Did a few turns with the pitchfork to make sure the food was buried enough. And now I wait. Continue reading

Composting trial

Since I’m now officially a “gardener” this summer, I thought I’d try my hand at composting. After a little research (are you proud of me?) I decided to take the easy route and start with open-air composting.

My reasons are simple:

  • it’s free
  • I have the space
  • I can start immediately
  • I already have the materials to construct a barrier around the pile (metal stakes & chicken wire)

Good enough for me!

I found this site and this site to be very helpful in learning the in’s and out’s of composting. I may even go so far as to buy me some worms! But for now, I’m just throwing some leaves and other “browns” and “greens” onto the pile. I’ve got a plastic bin in the fridge with some food scraps started. Once that bin is full, they’ll be added to the pile.

Can you feel the excitement??

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