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IMG_2775 While at Tazzina’s the other night with a friend (thanks again, Beth, it was a lovely night!), she asked how my garden was growing. Beth and her hubby are avid gardeners, so we swapped stories of what is doing well for each of us, and sadly, what isn’t.

IMG_2782 My tomatoes continue to be the strongest survivors of the garden, although one variety is just now turning red and seems to rot fairly quickly. Not sure what to make of it; is it a disease, a bug, or do they just need to be pulled as soon as they ripen? D has already had his share of cherry tomatoes and loves finding a ripe one!

Beth and I both agreed that strawberries don’t seem to do very well here – she had tons of plants one year and only got about 30 strawberries in total all summer long. Our strawberry plant has produced about 5 strawberries, if that many. Tasty, yes. But small in size. I keep watering it, wondering if that’s all we’re going to see this year. Continue reading


Garden update

IMG_2337 This is my Bubbs making a bee-line for the strawberry plant after I told him our first strawberry of the season was ready to eat.

I discovered a tiny slug was burrowing it’s way in – didn’t ruin the whole berry though…  YUMMY!


IMG_2306 My butterhead lettuce seedlings are doing very well…too well actually – time for thinning! I had the thinned seedlings on a salad tonight; delish!


The carrots, bell pepper and chard continue to grow nicely, as do the 4 tomato plants. One tomato plant has grown quite huge but has only produced one large tomato…I’m hoping there’s more to come! 

IMG_2305  My Impatiens and Begonias look lovely on the front
  porch, as do the Geraniums and other flowers I’ve
  planted but have already forgotten their names. 😦



I planted Celosium in the planters on the fence as well as in the front around this ghastly tree/bush thing we have. I’m hoping it brings more color to the front yard, other than green and white!

Thanks for visiting my garden today ~ I’d love to hear how your garden is growing sometime!

Even though I threw a bunch of dead leaves, weeds and other “greens” into a pile the other day, it doesn’t mean the compost had actually begun.

Tonight begins the true test on whether or not this little deal is gonna work for me. I collected fruit & veggie scraps for the past few days and tonight I tossed them into the pile. Did a few turns with the pitchfork to make sure the food was buried enough. And now I wait. Continue reading

Contain it

May 2010

After much encouragement from a few comments to this post here, and reading of the gardening possibilities from Small Notebook’s post here, I decided to take the plunge and start a container garden!

It helped that I had my mom here. She’s an avid gardener in the beautiful state of Oregon, where the soil is amazing and of course, there’s plenty of moisture year-round. Though she doesn’t have a lot of experience with vegetable gardens, she was still quite insightful about what types of containers to look for, the various “feeding” options for the different plants, how often to water, etc. Continue reading

False alarm

This post should be backdated to about 10 minutes after my last post….

because “rain” isn’t exactly what fell from the sky. Technically, it was moisture. But within minutes it was back to just gray skies & a very dry ground. I was severely disappointed, to say the LEAST.

And for a quick update on my first-ever garden (in case all 3 of my readers were wondering), it sure looked good, but overall I wouldn’t exactly call it a “success.”

Except for the cucumbers & a few tomatoes, nothing much really tasted good. And what is the point of doing the manual labor, being consistent in the watering process, trimming, weeding, etc. if what is produced tastes bland or even worse?? I ended up with about 7 cantaloupe, several ears of corn, & a slew of tomatoes & cukes.

Will I attempt a veggie garden again? Probably. Will it be next spring? Most likely not, unless someone wants to come by & do all the digging & planting for me as I will be very large with child at that time.

I do think part of the issue was the area that I planted everything. It got full sun, but not for huge stretches during the day & from what I’ve been receiving in feedback from a few folks is that the bland tast & overall appearance of the veggies may have been because of not receiving enough of that yummy sunlight. SO, the next time a garden is planted, it will definitely be on the north side of the yard where there is the most sun during the day than any other part of the yard.

As for my flower bed, I’m so sick of it. Again, I think it’s a sun issue. If it’s not, then I may as well start believing my thumb isn’t even close to a shade of green! Most of the plants died off fairly quickly. There are still a few sprigs of color here & there but overall, I’m just tired of looking at the thing already. My guess is when I do get the itch & ability to do more planting in there, I’ll most likely go with various types of leafy ferns. Maybe some ferns have a flower of some sort? I just really enjoy having color in there.

Also, I’ll probably completely redo the sprinkler system, because that thing really annoyed me over the summer as well. I could never seem to really water certain areas of the bed while others would consistently flood. Obviously, I did not miss the calling to be an engineer….

I have no plans on changing the name of the blog even though I have no desire to do a winter garden of any kind. I’ll probably fill the pages with random musings from my day as they are quite interesting with my “PMS-ing” toddler around repeating “again, again” 3,000 times a day & the other 3,000 words he says are “watch movies??” over & over & over.

But truly, it is a joy & a pleasure to be home with the bubbs & all that our days entail!

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