OK, so I promised myself I would not turn this blog into anything other than the subject of gardening. BUT, there are these lovely little things in blogland called “giveaways” & this one, I am really interested in. One way I can add my name into the drawing is to mention the interview & link back to the original blog. I’m not sure I’ll be doing this correctly, since I’ve never done it before, but it’s worth a shot! And, technically, I am being “creative” in my gardening with my little one, so it does still have to do with gardening….somewhat.

So, the interview is discussed on Simple Mom, about a lovely little book called The Creative Family, by Amanda Soule, who has her own blog at Soule Mama. Since I am a self-professed creativity-challenged person, this kind of stuff is right up my ally! Inspiration is probably the biggest thing I get from the various blogs I read, so I’m pretty excited about this giveaway. And I’m happy to see the book isn’t outrageously priced, so no matter what, it will be in my book collection sooner than later.

I highly recommend reading through the interview, even if you don’t have little ones in the home anymore. It’s refreshing to see parents bucking this media-saturated culture of ours & living outside the “norm” of things. It’s a challenge for me these days, to keep the toy clutter & videos at bay, but one I hope to continue working on & to be outside & about more.