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Looking Up

excerpt from my journal entry dated July 8, 2011

I finally made the call this morning. I’m not sure what finally convinced me to do so, but it’s done. I went ahead and ordered the birth control pills, praying and hoping that my emotions, weight gain, headaches and hot flashes will soon dissipate, preferably before we go on our big trip to the mid-west in August!

I want to have confidence in the “natural” supplements I’m taking, the “natural” progesterone cream I’m using, the diet changes, the exercise changes. The problem is there really is no way to know what part of that is working, what part isn’t working, and worse – what part might be doing more harm than good, most especially the progesterone cream. One quick look online and the “risks” of not doing it exactly “right” can cause some serious issues down the road.

I am sweating at nearly every turn. I’m not able to get adequate sleep, even when my children are resting. I’m not able to keep my emotions in check, most especially around my boys. I’m not able to focus on the many responsibilities that face me each day. I’ve heard the term “brain fog” as a symptom of menopause and that describes it perfectly for me!

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This hand or that

See, here’s the thing. I really don’t have time for this. I have a life to live. I have kids to raise. I have a husband to love. I have a home to (ahem) keep clean. I have friendships to tend to. I have pictures to take. I have nails to trim (kids and the cat). I have food to cook. I have women to minister to. I have a newsletter to edit. I have registrations to keep organized. I have books to read. I have coffee dates, girl’s night out, date nights, Bible studies, laundry, playdates, gym time, movies to watch, worship service, schools to research, vacations to plan.

I   D O   N O T   H A V E   T I M E   F O R   T H I S

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