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A Parenting PSA

I learned 8 things in 3 minutes today.

If you are a parent of children under the age of 5, or you have children in your midst under the age of 5, or you know someone with children under the age of 5, then this information may be helpful for you to learn as well.

1. Always keep a safety gate to keep little ones away from an area where you store medicine.

2. A 24-lb. two-year-old child does not need to be rushed to the emergency room if he has consumed 6 birth control pills. He may have a puke incident once or twice a few hours later, but no major harm done.

3. Post your local poison control number in an easy-to-find place in your home. Better yet, put it on speed dial on your cell phone.

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Looking Up

excerpt from my journal entry dated July 8, 2011

I finally made the call this morning. I’m not sure what finally convinced me to do so, but it’s done. I went ahead and ordered the birth control pills, praying and hoping that my emotions, weight gain, headaches and hot flashes will soon dissipate, preferably before we go on our big trip to the mid-west in August!

I want to have confidence in the “natural” supplements I’m taking, the “natural” progesterone cream I’m using, the diet changes, the exercise changes. The problem is there really is no way to know what part of that is working, what part isn’t working, and worse – what part might be doing more harm than good, most especially the progesterone cream. One quick look online and the “risks” of not doing it exactly “right” can cause some serious issues down the road.

I am sweating at nearly every turn. I’m not able to get adequate sleep, even when my children are resting. I’m not able to keep my emotions in check, most especially around my boys. I’m not able to focus on the many responsibilities that face me each day. I’ve heard the term “brain fog” as a symptom of menopause and that describes it perfectly for me!

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Strong enough

2:15am – I hear L wake up, rock him for a bit, lay with him in his bed for 45 minutes

4am – I’m still not asleep; thankfully everyone else is

5am – L wakes up and is in our bed

5:30am – D is awake and is in our bed

6:30am – up for the day with 2 high-energy boys

9am – leave for the library; all is quiet until check-out time; I have to hold L as he screams his head off…in the library

10am – arrive at Target; L’s screaming begins again

10:15am – L’s screaming continues, regardless of my insistence otherwise, regardless of me holding him, letting him walk, giving him something to drink, letting him play with the toys – loud, obnoxious screaming

10:30am – escaping Target with the tears on the rims of my eyes and my head desperately trying to convince my heart to not be concerned at the stares of other adults, the laughter of the teenage girls

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This past week was one of great anticipation mixed with a good dose of anxiety followed by a sweet reminder of God’s provision in all circumstances.

Our oldest boy, D, has always been a bit of a…um…”challenge” to us, his parents. Loads of love for the little guy – don’t get me wrong! But there have been countless days, nights and everything in between that have brought us to great levels of frustration, anxiety and fears that we simply do not know how to be effective parents in regards to discipline, and a continual, nagging feeling that something was just “off” in D.

On Tuesday we headed up to a little town called Colfax where D was observed by a pediatrician who specializes in sensory processing disorders. For approximately 5 hours she “tested” D through various games, watched him during play, watched him during times of reading and gave Hubbs and I feedback throughout the day.

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Here we go again. A cold has settled in my sinuses just as I’m ready to jump back into wearing contacts tomorrow. “Blah” is the word for tonight, said through blocked nasal passages and tired eyes.

A few things have made the evening a little more bearable…

:: a hot steaming cup of chicken broth with garlic mixed in for good measure ::

:: a hot steaming shower with hot steaming water raining on my puffy face ::

:: a quiet house with 2 boys asleep and a hubby who is home ::

:: a pint of Haagen-Dazs … any flavor will do but tonight it’s Vanilla Swiss Almond ::

:: a comfy couch to rest on ::

Praying for a solid night’s rest and renewed energy for tomorrow.

If not, another round of Haazgen-Dazs may be happening on my comfy couch tomorrow night.

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