This past week was one of great anticipation mixed with a good dose of anxiety followed by a sweet reminder of God’s provision in all circumstances.

Our oldest boy, D, has always been a bit of a…um…”challenge” to us, his parents. Loads of love for the little guy – don’t get me wrong! But there have been countless days, nights and everything in between that have brought us to great levels of frustration, anxiety and fears that we simply do not know how to be effective parents in regards to discipline, and a continual, nagging feeling that something was just “off” in D.

On Tuesday we headed up to a little town called Colfax where D was observed by a pediatrician who specializes in sensory processing disorders. For approximately 5 hours she “tested” D through various games, watched him during play, watched him during times of reading and gave Hubbs and I feedback throughout the day.

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