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2011 Menu #7

I had 4 new recipes to try out last week, which I really don’t recommend doing when you have little ones! We’re having the French Lentil soup tonight and I’m really hoping it’s a winner with everyone.

One dinner was a success for Hubbs and I – not for the boys. One of them was a success to Hubbs and nobody else. And another dinner was a complete bust for everyone at the table. To put it in the words of D:

“Mommy, I don’t want this. I want something really really yummy.” (stated in a very matter-of-fact tone!)

Mmm hmmm, so does mommy….

And that’s why I was more than happy when we went out for Chinese food on Friday night!!

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2011 Menu #6

I managed to stay out of a grocery store (even the Target store) for 6 whole days in a row! I honestly think that’s the first ever for me, at least since being married and being that we haven’t been on vacation…hah, DEFINITELY haven’t been on vacation!!

I attribute most of my abstaining from those miscellaneous expenditures to my efforts at meal planning. It definitely does not work that well each week but I am happy to report SUCCESS this past week! The only reason I will need to hit the grocery store twice this week is to pick up the fresh veggies for meals on Thursday and Saturday. Otherwise, I hope to be successful 2 weeks in a row.

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2011 Menu #5

** something screwy happened with Menu #4…my bad!

Here we are, the final week of January…actually we’re nearing the final day of January! I am quite thankful February is nearly here, for many reasons. Most of all I’m thankful for an “open” calendar month, one that I can control a little easier and put less stress on my young’uns. Mommy and Daddy being gone so much in January did not bode well for D. But tomorrow is a new day and the times away from home will be a lot less for awhile.

I’m also starting to experiment with healthier breakfast options for myself and the kiddos – if any of them area actually successful then I’ll start to include those in my weekly menus as well.


Chicken Pot Pie with fruit salad and/or cornbread

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2011 Menu #2

While I’ve managed to get cracking on my meal planning for the new year, it is still the “same ‘ol same ‘ol” in regards to the actual meals being prepared. I just don’t have it in me to be “uber inspiring” when I’m not feeling well.

HOWEVER, I’m still a firm believer in meal planning, even when the circumstances aren’t as ideal as I’d like them to be.

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2011 Menu #1

Trying to stay on task with being Purposeful, so here is the first menu of 2011!


Sweet Pork Sandwiches with fruit salad and salty chips (yes, this was on last week’s menu, but we got invited to dinner instead – nice!)


Hubbs plays hockey, so it’s a “repeat” night

Wednesday (breakfast for dinner)

Pancakes and sausage links


Baked Teriyaki Chicken with steamed veggies and boiled red potatoes (this is a family favorite!)


Another “repeat” night


Burgers on the grill with fries and tater tots


Rolled Up Enchiladas (crockpot meal) with corn and rice

For more weekly menu ideas, head on over to This Week for Dinner.

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