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I think I’ve mentioned it before. In case I haven’t, let me make it clear:

This has been a very busy summer!!

So while it has been busy, it really has been because of some great stuff. Mostly it’s been loads of time spent with all kinds of family and friends, a very good thing indeed!

Thankfully we had planned early and were able to send D and L up to Oregon to spend a few days with their grandparents. Even more thankfully, the boys did really well and the grandparents even asked to do it again sometime.


The days they were in Oregon were the warmest days of the summer for us. So while I had all kinds of plans for how Hubs and I were going to revel in the freedom of being childless for a few days, it was a bit taxing to do even the simplest task with that blazing sun bearing down on our pink little home.

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Sing me a solution

IMG_1192This was the first-ever music CD I bought. Not sure why I remember that, and more importantly, I’m really not sure why I chose Seal as my first choice of artists. I’m willing to admit it could have to do with that “rose” song. It’s my only album by Seal and I can’t remember the last time I listened to it.


This one is the first CD I bought while at a Starbucks. It happened to be what was playing on their sound system at the time and it’s still a great album to listen to on a road trip.

IMG_1193And this one Hubbs bought for me because I kept mentioning how much I like this song. Still do, and we also like playing this CD on road trips.

Why am I walking down Memory Lane with my CD’s? Because I have a small home and everything in it has “real estate” value. We have an average-size collection of music and a smattering of videos, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, the space they take up is annoying, and now I’m on a storage solution rampage with the CD’s.

Now that we have the new bookcases, there’s even less room to keep everything we had on the old bookcase – go figure. Not a real “problem” to have, I’m not complaining. I mean, it’s just “stuff” and there was a considerable amount of purging done. So for the items that remained, I needed a solution and a quick one.

Enter the newest piece of plastic to take up residence in our home:


I went through all of our CD’s, pulled the papers out and what used to take up scads of space because of all of those plastic cases is now all housed in this beautiful $3.50 little box.

The bigger chore is the time it will take to get them all on iTunes.


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