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A Parenting PSA

I learned 8 things in 3 minutes today.

If you are a parent of children under the age of 5, or you have children in your midst under the age of 5, or you know someone with children under the age of 5, then this information may be helpful for you to learn as well.

1. Always keep a safety gate to keep little ones away from an area where you store medicine.

2. A 24-lb. two-year-old child does not need to be rushed to the emergency room if he has consumed 6 birth control pills. He may have a puke incident once or twice a few hours later, but no major harm done.

3. Post your local poison control number in an easy-to-find place in your home. Better yet, put it on speed dial on your cell phone.

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Strong enough

2:15am – I hear L wake up, rock him for a bit, lay with him in his bed for 45 minutes

4am – I’m still not asleep; thankfully everyone else is

5am – L wakes up and is in our bed

5:30am – D is awake and is in our bed

6:30am – up for the day with 2 high-energy boys

9am – leave for the library; all is quiet until check-out time; I have to hold L as he screams his head off…in the library

10am – arrive at Target; L’s screaming begins again

10:15am – L’s screaming continues, regardless of my insistence otherwise, regardless of me holding him, letting him walk, giving him something to drink, letting him play with the toys – loud, obnoxious screaming

10:30am – escaping Target with the tears on the rims of my eyes and my head desperately trying to convince my heart to not be concerned at the stares of other adults, the laughter of the teenage girls

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It hit 90 degrees a few days ago.

I was watering the backyard plants when D shouted, “Today is a Summer day!”

I guess Spring is officially over.

Summer around here means water in the backyard.

Water for the plants, water for the grass, water for the inflatable pool.

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Another reading spot

My boys tend to squabble. A lot. There is teasing, screaming, yelling, tears, spitting. Mostly screaming.

They also like to play, though not much as much as they like to squabble. So while there is inevitably screaming and tears, there is also laughter, digging, dumping, building, racing.

Thankfully they both like to “read” a lot. Lately L has enjoyed his books with D on the top bunk before it’s lights out. It is such a peaceful scene. They are both so content being right next to each other. They are engrossed in their own books and yet sharing the moment together.

I love it.

So of course I had to take a picture!

I don’t show much of their faces on this blog, but hopefully the angle I snapped it at gives you the idea of why it’s a precious scene to me.


A scene like this at the end of a scream-filled day gives me hope for a more peaceful tomorrow!

If you’re going to be out and about with children in the near future, allow me to share some wisdom that came to me at the Target store today. Let’s begin.


Stop at the local pet store with your kids before embarking on the “have to’s” of your outing. The joy in their step, the sounds of amazement in their voice and the awe in their eyes will be what you need to cling to for the remainder of the morning.


Get a single bag of freshly popped popcorn if your Target store sells it. The popcorn will be delightfully shared by all who are touching your particular cart. Continue reading

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