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You know the feeling of being so excited to go somewhere, see something new, have good conversation, the kids will be happy, they’ll meet some new play pals, the coffee will be yummy, the sun is shining, the car is working, the sleep was bad, the morning was early (again), the older one is melting down, the cough is strong, the nose is running with a tissue not far behind, the kids are screaming, the tears are flowing, the kids are tearing apart library books, the kids know only how to disobey, the sun is still shining, the yelling has started, the “mommy monster” has arrived, the little one refuses to let me take his pj’s off (again), the phone calls have started, the discouragement has set in, the videos are quickly being destroyed, the chicken soup has been started, the final decision has been made, the wishful thinking has begun, the fight to feel hopeless or angry is creeping in at every angle, the request has been made for doing “art” and the lightbulb goes off in your head because 5 hours of being awake has finally led to something peaceful…for 10 minutes anyways?

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Ridd Quicks vol. 4

Quick Takes are hosted over at Conversion Diary.

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clip_image002Orange juice is kind of a big deal in this house. If you know anything about Hubbs and cheese, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Try as I might to find a cheap deal, it never flies. Never. If it’s not Simply Orange, (original, pulp free), then it’s not even worth putting in the fridge. Since Simply Orange runs nearly $5.00 a bottle, and since Hubbs is the main drinker of the OJ, I try every now and then to switch things up a bit. Sorry Hon, if a half-gallon is on sale for $2.50, then that’s what’s going in the cart. Deal. So at my last visit to the grocery store, Simply Orange was not on sale. Scanning the gazillion options for OJ, I notice Trop50. It says “No Pulp” on the top of the label.  It said it had 50% less sugar and calories and it was orange in color. Skinny OJ. Whatever. Get it home. Hubbs glances at it, grimaces, shakes it up and gives it a whirl. Apparently, I now need my reading glances outside the home, because Trop50 is slang for TANG. Oops…

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Got beans?

clip_image002You know those pictures in magazines of mothers cooking something while their kids are smiling, wearing clean clothes, laughing with each other, doing some kind of craft or coloring or reading? The sun is shining through the big fat windows in the house and you can almost hear the melodious sounds abounding from the experience – sounds that make the meal even more tastier than it smells while it’s cooking. The mother is smiling, of course, because her sweet little cherubs are delighting her very soul while she is crafting, creating, exploring, providing – all in one simple act of cooking a meal.

Um, yeah, that’s NOT what it’s like in my house.

Got the sweet little cherubs. Got the kitchen to cook in. Got the smells of delicious food wafting through the house. But that’s about it.

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I don’t know about you, but around here we are on a consistent mission to find something that will help keep our 2 busy boys…well…busy! As much as I’d like to think I have the patience and stamina to keep up with them, I will quickly concede that I don’t!

We are a family that allows for limited times of TV exposure. Has it been used as a babysitter occasionally? Yes. Is it always on, even when no one’s watching? No. So, somewhere in between there is where we (and most families, I’m sure) sit.

But this isn’t about the woes of media exposure to our youngster, so, I digress!

When Bubbs isn’t enjoying a show, he’s busy. And that’s usually 95% of his day! Thus, things like the board games, the puzzles, the paints, the books, the crayons, the Play-Doh, etc., come out. Continue reading

Dental delight

photo by JawkneeP

If you ask anyone with kids about when to take a child for his first dental visit, you will get an array of responses. When that first tooth appears, regardless of the age. On their third birthday. If you can see problems with the teeth. At the age of two.

It’s all very muddled and murky – and the pediatrician generally isn’t much clearer. Personally, I think one needs to take their family dental history into consideration, mix in their child’s personality with their ability to sit in a chair and allow someone to look in their mouth for any length of time, and throw in a dash of common sense to come up with the right age for their child. Continue reading

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