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So gray is this day

Chilly feet
grab the robe
darkness invades
and the questions begin

Where is the sun
and why is it still night
why is it cold
why still so dark

An afternoon with quiet rest
birds searching for food
leaves continue to drop
clouds still threaten

So gray is this day
will the sun be here soon
will tomorrow bring rain
or more gray once again

So gray is this day


My crazy calendar


It’s the 5th of March. Already. Nearly the 1st week is down and I’ve still got the February page on our desk calendar to remove.

The calendar I’m using in my attempt to stay on top of life continues to evolve. I’ve gone from using pen to using pencil as things keep shifting. Meals planned, days at the park, days with friends. All continuously shifting.

Undoubtedly this is the busiest month my little family and I have had for quite some time. I would say we are busier than even during those crazy holiday weeks.

Here’s the rundown from March 1st to March 31st:

  • 14 appointments that I and/or one of my children have to be at
  • 2 days that I’m out of town
  • 4 days that Hubs is out of town
  • 4 days that we’re ALL out of town

To add to the mix, D is starting a new therapy called Eurythmy this month (that’s 3 of the 14 appointments we have scheduled). He’ll be going once a week and I’m quite anxious to learn more about it and see how it will benefit D over time.

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A chuckle or two

While it hasn’t been the “worst” of days for me lately, these past few weeks haven’t been the “best” of days either.

So when I have a chance to read the funnies, I’m thankful to get a chuckle or two out of the day.

Here’s a few from the last few weeks that put a smile on my face. Maybe it’ll work for you too!



It’s October 22nd.

It’s been 22 days straight of posting a thought or two.

About half-way through the month, I was pretty much sick of my own “voice.”

If I post a few photos with captions and a sentence or two of descriptions, is that really helping me hone my writing skills? What’s the point otherwise?

I don’t like feeling like I have a “job” to do at the end of each night when I realize I still need to post something. I think quality is more important over quantity when others are reading your work. It’s not like this is my personal journal or something; it’s more like a virtual scrapbook of sorts.

The upside of sticking with the “goal” of 31 blogs posts in 31 days is that I have enjoyed “meeting” other bloggers out there in the web world. There’s a few blogs I’ll be visiting on a regular basis that I didn’t know about before this little venture.

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Sharks and Cats

So, it’s late.

I’m tired.

And I got nothin’ interesting to post at the moment.

So how ‘bout a picture?



Parents Magazine is always more interesting when you’re wearing your shark or lion towel.

OK, one more. Because it’s October.


The costume was a hand-me-down meant for L, which means it’s at least 2 sizes too small for D. But hey, when a kid wants to be a tiger, things like a proper fit don’t really matter much.

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